Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

The Proposal

9/25/15 – (403XP)
Nadya narrows down his location – Jevra space station
Anyone who gets close disappears. A group of people, Greenpeace, disappeared after protesting the actions of superiors at Jevra station.
Also know for exporting medicine and exotic plants.
Ooris is very interested, but doesn’t know the medicine since it deals with mental health. Luckily, he knows someone who specializes in mental health. Ooris hails Jon Brown on the comms, shouting into the mouth piece.
“Doc Brown! Are you there!? Can you hear me?”
“I haven’t heard from you in years!”
“I was hoping you could help me with something.”
“I have some medication that I can’t figure out.”
“Sure. but it’ll cost ya.”
“What’s the cost, man?”
“$300 credits.”
“I’ll give you $150, you sonofabitch. No way you’ll live to spend $300 credits. $150 is all.”
“All right. All right. $150 it is. You always were a ball buster.”
Ooris sends list of the medicines on over. 20 to 30 different medicines. some are known to treat psychosis. A particular drug on the list is a psychedelic without an actual medical need.
“What are we talking monetarily?”
“Who are you?”
“I’m a friend. What does a standard shipment to space station cost?”
“Like a hospital?”
“Like a hospital on a space station.”
“Well, considering there are illegal drugs on this list I don’t know what they’d go for. For most of these, on a weekly basis to a mental health facility, a shipment could be 200,000 credits”
Nadya squeezes a bit more information out of him- the psychedelic drug needs a respirator for use.
As Nadya and Ooris discuss the medicine more, Doc Brown gets called over the speaker.
Doc Brown asks for payment – Nadya hangs up the phone.
Ooris and Nadya pitch the plan to the team:
Hep and Dur Sa’ak are to steal the medicine while Nadya interrogates the guy for location on Sue Sabal.
Dur asks for more information and layout of the place. He is leery of the plan.
Nadya finds first that Bruce turns into a large monster when put into water. The station was trying to weaponize the animals. However, the animals were unpredictable. A video beings to play showing the old emperor controlling these extreme animals – having them kill imperial officers.
Nadya gets blueprints of the station – large metropolis of all imperials. Secret base of all military imperials. There will be nowhere to hide unless you’re an imperial. Some places you can go without biometric scans.
Rankors were used and pumped full of medicine.
Nadya finds more info on The guy. He’s an administrator. Visits the docks frequently and has to inspect the containers. She also found his internal business card. On a sipper network – unclassified email and classified email. Most stuff is in the classified email – including shipments.
Human Zabrick were the most experimented on.
Dude is also a Zabrick
Nadya looks for Huts
Huts show up to purchase poison in large quantities.
Nadya will need to be inside the city to break into the classified network.
Dur lays out a different plan…
Nadya looks for a place to get into the imperial city. A to the south brings loads of truck loads in – pretty lax security. Their main concern are diseased animals getting into the city. Zabricks get mowed down. Ape guys getting killed.
Group agrees to hijack a botany truck.
50 members per truck – rocket launchers to take out Rankors and zabrick. They have heavy artillery.
Can’t just steal a vehicle as they travel with a convoy.
Shack/shower out in the field that has some stormtrooper armor.
Ooris speaks to no one in particular “I want to see Bruce wet.”
Hap lands the ship beyond the shack within 1 mile. 10 miles outside of the city.
Nadya hacks into the video feed. perimeter is set up . Botanists go into shack and change and wash up. Shack is a concrete structure with four walls and a tin roof.
Hep can’t find a place to land… on the ground. But Hep finds a clear spot on the trees to land and climbed down 40 ft.
Hep lands on the trees, but the ship placement was off. The ship sinks further down the tree tops, breaking branches and bending metal. The group is shaken, but strapped in.
Nadya gets up to investigate. A thick branch protrudes into the engine haul and up through the top of the ship- like nature dominating steel.
Nadya tries to force move the ship, but only wiggles a leaf.
GM – you can do it the safe way in 5 hours or you can do it the safe way – 15 min.
Duur grabs Madrin’s light saber and kicks it up. He starts cutting away tinier branches to the main branch, three or four feet around.
Duur makes quick work of it and reveals the open hole. Duur spits through the ship.
Nadya fires up her welding gear.
GM – you can do it the safe way in 5 hours or you can do it the safe way – 15 minutes
Nadya sauters a big patch on the top and sauters on the bottom.
The group gets down
Nadya jet packs Hep to the ground.
Duur wraps a rope around Ooris and himself. Ooris climbs down with surprising ease. The group is stunned.
With the group on the ground, Duur navigates to the shack teaching survival skills along the way.
The group sees the imperial crew has cleared out.
Imperial groups have purposefully planted alien plants for cultivation. They’re harvesting the field with manpower and not machines. They’ve cleared part of the field. The field itself spans two hundred yards.
Nadya and Duur determine big ass fucking long thick thorns will work to penetrate the tires of the truck.
Duur finds big ass fucking long thick thorns and takes a few extra for himself.
Duur sets the thorns up to make it look natural and in the area he thinks the trucks might be parked.
It’s late now. Party has made camp and sets up watch. Nothing happens on Ooris’ watch. Nadya watches – it starts raining. Far in the distance, a deep yelp reached Nadya’s ears. She listens harder – it’s the gerbil monster thingys. Bruce is trying to communicate with them.
Ooris grabs his sedative pouch, but Bruce gets away running out into the rain and into the jungle to be with his monster buddies.
Hep hears the commotion, but stays still. Pretends to be asleep.
3rd watch – Duur sees a gerbil monster and it’s grunting – sounds familiar. It happens to be Bruce! Duur pulls out a bag of Doritos and noisily opens them with a crinkle crinkle crack. Duur continues to feed him until he shrinks back down to small size. Duur puts Bruce on his shoulder and continues to feed him.
Morning time. The group fans out in wait and watches the stormtroopers.
Duur and Nadya stalk two stormtroopers that have strayed too far around the perimeter.
Nadya shocks the stormtrooper
Duur knocks the stormtrooper out
Armor is tight and doesn’t feel right – too short.
Call comes through for clear checks
Hep and duur try to pass off as the storm troopers, but it may not have worked.
Half of the group comes up to Duur “Bill” taking a shit- a hard one. Duur continues to pretend to take a hard shit.
The stormtroopers buy the coy and chastise Bill. Bill aka Duur continues to poop until the stormtroopers are out of eye range then heads to Hep’s direction.
Stormtroopers surround Hep and have guns at the ready. The ask for Hep’s passcode – he blasts one in the forehead and dodges behind a nearby tree. Nadya shoots at the other one – straight in the eyes
Hep gets on the coms and shouts “We’re taking fire over here!”
Nadya chimes in “They’re coming out of nowhere.”
Stormtroopers head toward Hep and Nadya
Nadya heads to the tree line and finds a camouflage place to fire from
Nadya pretends to fire at Hep.
Hep pretends to fire back.
Once the stormtroopers arrive and start blasting into the tree line, Nadya stops firing and takes cover up a tree.
Hep and Duur book it to the truck.
Nadya drops a grenade as Duur starts the truck. Heads turn…
T’Churo and Ruah Row arrive seeing everything that has happened with the stormtroopers.
To keep the two stormtroopers from getting away, they shoot out engine block of the truck.
Ooris is attempting to reach Nadya after getting back out of the truck and starts having workers moving towards her to take her out.
Tchuro and Row duck down and keep their eyes on the two stormtroopers.
Nadya intercepts Oooris and moves her to the trees and gives her a grenade to take care of the threat if needed.
Nadya then begins moving around the edge of the clearing to find the source of the gunshot that stopped the truck.
Ooris takes out workers with a grenade after underhand throwing it like a softball
Nadya finds the shooter and sees a wookiee (Ruah Row) and a chadra fan (T’Charo) she then attempts to grab the chadra fan twice but misses two times. Brief exchange and finds they are against the empire as well and both groups are attempting the same heist; a mutual agreement is reached for the time being.
Group grabs the truck blocking the path after moving the broken down truck while a worker is captured and two more show up surrendering. Using pheromones and a bit of charm, the workers agree to help get group into the city (after they are told nobody will be hurt).
Get into the city and to station where T’Churo sneaks out of the truck and creates an explosion in the main office of facility allowing everyone to get out and head to a door.
Row ran into Jandice the guy we were looking for and two other guys next to him as the door opened in front of her.
Nadya immediately used a shock glove and stunned Jandice and the other two officers attempted to close the door, but Ooris threw a piece of burning wood into the door keeping it open long enough for Row to rip the doors open. Nadya misses hitting the others with her shock glove.
Stormtroopers begin shooting through the door from the vehicle.
Everyone gets through the door and T’charu is told to go as Nadya uses the force to block the doorway by pulling firey debri from the ceiling.
T’Charu then shoots one of the running officers in the head while attempting to flee
Nadya taps into the central computer Hub and begins downloading a virus while everyone else goes to the next station over to look for a vehicle and they run into six specialized stormtroopers
Row blasts them with her big gun and T’charo finishes off the front man while Ooris bandages Row after being shot by the stormtroopers.
T’ Charo kills the next stormtrooper in line
stormtroopers try to continue firing at group, but their weapons begin exploding in their hands and they retreat.
The group gets keys from an office after Ooris opens the locked door using a vial of acid to melt the door handle.
Nadya has successfully unleashed a virus into the system to start shutting down electrical systems across the city and slices into Jandice’s secure email, afterwards six specialized stormtroops open the door from the burning building with Nadya standing in front of them each pausing.
With a blast of the force, Nadya triumpantly fails in hitting the stormtroopers, but causes a collapse of the hallway ceiling allowing her a brief moment to run. Unfortunately, not before the stormtroopers were able to hit her with a couple of well aimed shots. Limping, Nadya manages to get to the hangar and tto the rest of the party, but only after T’Charo finds Nadya and helps her to the hangar. The rest of the group had managed to procure a vehicle but were having ttrouble getting the doors open for escape, since all the power sysems on the base were down from the virus. With a help of tthe force and the quick reflexes of T’Charo, they managed to get the door open just in the knick of time as more stormtroopers were converging on their location with an All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT).
Once outside, the group sees two options, continue further into the base and attempt to hijack a train and the supplies or get out of the base. Luckily the base’s main gate was stuck open due to the power loss. Too many forces were alerrted to our location and our only hope of getting out alive was the main gate.
With a gun of the engine the group left the hangar, with T’Charo driving and Rua Row on the main gun of the all terrain roller. shooting anyone in the way and breaking through a glass pane as if in a short skit from Benny Hill the group managed to bust through the main gate. Still on the run, the base sent ships after us with heavy artillary. The gunfight and chase continued down the road with everyone aiming to take out the pilots. The pilots were well trained and continued their pursute and began using stronger weaponry, but only after One ship was shot down and Rou Row was hurt badly. Ooris, being the bestt Medical Person we ever met, her skills helped stabalize Roa Row. Nadya and T’Charo switched positions in the driver seat, just as the Missiles started flying. Again the Force came into play and with Nadya’s senses heightened she quickly turned into the treeline just as a missile passed and hit the tree next to us. Immediately, she truned back onto the road and Ooris with her great pitching skills, threw a grenade onto the vehicle, destroying it. The group, feeling a bit of relief, began traveling to the ship and the rest of the party. 15 xp



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