Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

The Proposal

9/25/15 – (403XP)
Nadya narrows down his location – Jevra space station
Anyone who gets close disappears. A group of people, Greenpeace, disappeared after protesting the actions of superiors at Jevra station.
Also know for exporting medicine and exotic plants.
Ooris is very interested, but doesn’t know the medicine since it deals with mental health. Luckily, he knows someone who specializes in mental health. Ooris hails Jon Brown on the comms, shouting into the mouth piece.
“Doc Brown! Are you there!? Can you hear me?”
“I haven’t heard from you in years!”
“I was hoping you could help me with something.”
“I have some medication that I can’t figure out.”
“Sure. but it’ll cost ya.”
“What’s the cost, man?”
“$300 credits.”
“I’ll give you $150, you sonofabitch. No way you’ll live to spend $300 credits. $150 is all.”
“All right. All right. $150 it is. You always were a ball buster.”
Ooris sends list of the medicines on over. 20 to 30 different medicines. some are known to treat psychosis. A particular drug on the list is a psychedelic without an actual medical need.
“What are we talking monetarily?”
“Who are you?”
“I’m a friend. What does a standard shipment to space station cost?”
“Like a hospital?”
“Like a hospital on a space station.”
“Well, considering there are illegal drugs on this list I don’t know what they’d go for. For most of these, on a weekly basis to a mental health facility, a shipment could be 200,000 credits”
Nadya squeezes a bit more information out of him- the psychedelic drug needs a respirator for use.
As Nadya and Ooris discuss the medicine more, Doc Brown gets called over the speaker.
Doc Brown asks for payment – Nadya hangs up the phone.
Ooris and Nadya pitch the plan to the team:
Hep and Dur Sa’ak are to steal the medicine while Nadya interrogates the guy for location on Sue Sabal.
Dur asks for more information and layout of the place. He is leery of the plan.
Nadya finds first that Bruce turns into a large monster when put into water. The station was trying to weaponize the animals. However, the animals were unpredictable. A video beings to play showing the old emperor controlling these extreme animals – having them kill imperial officers.
Nadya gets blueprints of the station – large metropolis of all imperials. Secret base of all military imperials. There will be nowhere to hide unless you’re an imperial. Some places you can go without biometric scans.
Rankors were used and pumped full of medicine.
Nadya finds more info on The guy. He’s an administrator. Visits the docks frequently and has to inspect the containers. She also found his internal business card. On a sipper network – unclassified email and classified email. Most stuff is in the classified email – including shipments.
Human Zabrick were the most experimented on.
Dude is also a Zabrick
Nadya looks for Huts
Huts show up to purchase poison in large quantities.
Nadya will need to be inside the city to break into the classified network.
Dur lays out a different plan…
Nadya looks for a place to get into the imperial city. A to the south brings loads of truck loads in – pretty lax security. Their main concern are diseased animals getting into the city. Zabricks get mowed down. Ape guys getting killed.
Group agrees to hijack a botany truck.
50 members per truck – rocket launchers to take out Rankors and zabrick. They have heavy artillery.
Can’t just steal a vehicle as they travel with a convoy.
Shack/shower out in the field that has some stormtrooper armor.
Ooris speaks to no one in particular “I want to see Bruce wet.”
Hap lands the ship beyond the shack within 1 mile. 10 miles outside of the city.
Nadya hacks into the video feed. perimeter is set up . Botanists go into shack and change and wash up. Shack is a concrete structure with four walls and a tin roof.
Hep can’t find a place to land… on the ground. But Hep finds a clear spot on the trees to land and climbed down 40 ft.
Hep lands on the trees, but the ship placement was off. The ship sinks further down the tree tops, breaking branches and bending metal. The group is shaken, but strapped in.
Nadya gets up to investigate. A thick branch protrudes into the engine haul and up through the top of the ship- like nature dominating steel.
Nadya tries to force move the ship, but only wiggles a leaf.
GM – you can do it the safe way in 5 hours or you can do it the safe way – 15 min.
Duur grabs Madrin’s light saber and kicks it up. He starts cutting away tinier branches to the main branch, three or four feet around.
Duur makes quick work of it and reveals the open hole. Duur spits through the ship.
Nadya fires up her welding gear.
GM – you can do it the safe way in 5 hours or you can do it the safe way – 15 minutes
Nadya sauters a big patch on the top and sauters on the bottom.
The group gets down
Nadya jet packs Hep to the ground.
Duur wraps a rope around Ooris and himself. Ooris climbs down with surprising ease. The group is stunned.
With the group on the ground, Duur navigates to the shack teaching survival skills along the way.
The group sees the imperial crew has cleared out.
Imperial groups have purposefully planted alien plants for cultivation. They’re harvesting the field with manpower and not machines. They’ve cleared part of the field. The field itself spans two hundred yards.
Nadya and Duur determine big ass fucking long thick thorns will work to penetrate the tires of the truck.
Duur finds big ass fucking long thick thorns and takes a few extra for himself.
Duur sets the thorns up to make it look natural and in the area he thinks the trucks might be parked.
It’s late now. Party has made camp and sets up watch. Nothing happens on Ooris’ watch. Nadya watches – it starts raining. Far in the distance, a deep yelp reached Nadya’s ears. She listens harder – it’s the gerbil monster thingys. Bruce is trying to communicate with them.
Ooris grabs his sedative pouch, but Bruce gets away running out into the rain and into the jungle to be with his monster buddies.
Hep hears the commotion, but stays still. Pretends to be asleep.
3rd watch – Duur sees a gerbil monster and it’s grunting – sounds familiar. It happens to be Bruce! Duur pulls out a bag of Doritos and noisily opens them with a crinkle crinkle crack. Duur continues to feed him until he shrinks back down to small size. Duur puts Bruce on his shoulder and continues to feed him.
Morning time. The group fans out in wait and watches the stormtroopers.
Duur and Nadya stalk two stormtroopers that have strayed too far around the perimeter.
Nadya shocks the stormtrooper
Duur knocks the stormtrooper out
Armor is tight and doesn’t feel right – too short.
Call comes through for clear checks
Hep and duur try to pass off as the storm troopers, but it may not have worked.
Half of the group comes up to Duur “Bill” taking a shit- a hard one. Duur continues to pretend to take a hard shit.
The stormtroopers buy the coy and chastise Bill. Bill aka Duur continues to poop until the stormtroopers are out of eye range then heads to Hep’s direction.
Stormtroopers surround Hep and have guns at the ready. The ask for Hep’s passcode – he blasts one in the forehead and dodges behind a nearby tree. Nadya shoots at the other one – straight in the eyes
Hep gets on the coms and shouts “We’re taking fire over here!”
Nadya chimes in “They’re coming out of nowhere.”
Stormtroopers head toward Hep and Nadya
Nadya heads to the tree line and finds a camouflage place to fire from
Nadya pretends to fire at Hep.
Hep pretends to fire back.
Once the stormtroopers arrive and start blasting into the tree line, Nadya stops firing and takes cover up a tree.
Hep and Duur book it to the truck.
Nadya drops a grenade as Duur starts the truck. Heads turn…
T’Churo and Ruah Row arrive seeing everything that has happened with the stormtroopers.
To keep the two stormtroopers from getting away, they shoot out engine block of the truck.
Ooris is attempting to reach Nadya after getting back out of the truck and starts having workers moving towards her to take her out.
Tchuro and Row duck down and keep their eyes on the two stormtroopers.
Nadya intercepts Oooris and moves her to the trees and gives her a grenade to take care of the threat if needed.
Nadya then begins moving around the edge of the clearing to find the source of the gunshot that stopped the truck.
Ooris takes out workers with a grenade after underhand throwing it like a softball
Nadya finds the shooter and sees a wookiee (Ruah Row) and a chadra fan (T’Charo) she then attempts to grab the chadra fan twice but misses two times. Brief exchange and finds they are against the empire as well and both groups are attempting the same heist; a mutual agreement is reached for the time being.
Group grabs the truck blocking the path after moving the broken down truck while a worker is captured and two more show up surrendering. Using pheromones and a bit of charm, the workers agree to help get group into the city (after they are told nobody will be hurt).
Get into the city and to station where T’Churo sneaks out of the truck and creates an explosion in the main office of facility allowing everyone to get out and head to a door.
Row ran into Jandice the guy we were looking for and two other guys next to him as the door opened in front of her.
Nadya immediately used a shock glove and stunned Jandice and the other two officers attempted to close the door, but Ooris threw a piece of burning wood into the door keeping it open long enough for Row to rip the doors open. Nadya misses hitting the others with her shock glove.
Stormtroopers begin shooting through the door from the vehicle.
Everyone gets through the door and T’charu is told to go as Nadya uses the force to block the doorway by pulling firey debri from the ceiling.
T’Charu then shoots one of the running officers in the head while attempting to flee
Nadya taps into the central computer Hub and begins downloading a virus while everyone else goes to the next station over to look for a vehicle and they run into six specialized stormtroopers
Row blasts them with her big gun and T’charo finishes off the front man while Ooris bandages Row after being shot by the stormtroopers.
T’ Charo kills the next stormtrooper in line
stormtroopers try to continue firing at group, but their weapons begin exploding in their hands and they retreat.
The group gets keys from an office after Ooris opens the locked door using a vial of acid to melt the door handle.
Nadya has successfully unleashed a virus into the system to start shutting down electrical systems across the city and slices into Jandice’s secure email, afterwards six specialized stormtroops open the door from the burning building with Nadya standing in front of them each pausing.
With a blast of the force, Nadya triumpantly fails in hitting the stormtroopers, but causes a collapse of the hallway ceiling allowing her a brief moment to run. Unfortunately, not before the stormtroopers were able to hit her with a couple of well aimed shots. Limping, Nadya manages to get to the hangar and tto the rest of the party, but only after T’Charo finds Nadya and helps her to the hangar. The rest of the group had managed to procure a vehicle but were having ttrouble getting the doors open for escape, since all the power sysems on the base were down from the virus. With a help of tthe force and the quick reflexes of T’Charo, they managed to get the door open just in the knick of time as more stormtroopers were converging on their location with an All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT).
Once outside, the group sees two options, continue further into the base and attempt to hijack a train and the supplies or get out of the base. Luckily the base’s main gate was stuck open due to the power loss. Too many forces were alerrted to our location and our only hope of getting out alive was the main gate.
With a gun of the engine the group left the hangar, with T’Charo driving and Rua Row on the main gun of the all terrain roller. shooting anyone in the way and breaking through a glass pane as if in a short skit from Benny Hill the group managed to bust through the main gate. Still on the run, the base sent ships after us with heavy artillary. The gunfight and chase continued down the road with everyone aiming to take out the pilots. The pilots were well trained and continued their pursute and began using stronger weaponry, but only after One ship was shot down and Rou Row was hurt badly. Ooris, being the bestt Medical Person we ever met, her skills helped stabalize Roa Row. Nadya and T’Charo switched positions in the driver seat, just as the Missiles started flying. Again the Force came into play and with Nadya’s senses heightened she quickly turned into the treeline just as a missile passed and hit the tree next to us. Immediately, she truned back onto the road and Ooris with her great pitching skills, threw a grenade onto the vehicle, destroying it. The group, feeling a bit of relief, began traveling to the ship and the rest of the party. 15 xp

Training in the Dark Magics

5/29/15 – 10 XP (393 total)
The party sat around eating rancor fish with rancor asparagus. Super tasty!
Leandra and Nadya intensely train Nadya’s force skills
Leandra exudes that she is the top predator on the food chain even though there are other force users on the planet
Ooris is about to get his doritos and dick…
Duur opens the door…
Hep checks the cockpit…
A huge thunderstorm rolls in – ominous lightning
The bag of Doritos shakes and jumps and a potbelly creature with fuzz all around pops out while munching down on Doritos. It grabs the bag and scurries away.
Duur gathers all perimeter equipment as the rain plts his skin – moisture at last
Hep plans to fly out 200 miles away from the storm
Leandra asks if Nadya is ready to become a full NightSister
Test: Betrayal to Count Dooku – She lives and is on the planet – “Hsu Saw Ball”
Nadya is to bring her back to Leandra or kill her
Nadya agrees to bring her Hsu Saw Ball
Ooris tries to grab the little fuzz ball but grabs the Doritos instead
Luckily the fuzz hangs onto the Dorito bag. Finally it jumps off, tucks and rolls, then comes up looking at Ooris. He jumps up on the counter to find more Doritos. Ooris takes a trash can and hits the creature with it.
Ooris traps the creature under the trash can.
“Can you understand me, creature?” asks Ooris.
“as;lkdfja;wuiebusildb;oaiegn;ioaweng;akdjfnb s;oha;ogh oah goahoaer oah;gohasd meeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! meeeeeeeeeee!” says the creature in reply.
It’s trying to bump the trash can. It goes nowhere.
Ooris tries to find a box. She finds a cardboard box – it’s the best she can do.
By the time she gets back to the creature it’s snoring.
Ooris sticks it in a box. It doesn’t like the box being closed.
Duur gets everything on the ship. Hep flies up, goes horizontally 200 miles, and lands again.
Nadya uses a force power, Seek. “Lead the way to something.”
Angry Nadya, channeling hate →
Nadya. Angry Nadya. This is Dathomir. It’s dark. Nadya, oh my Nadya.
Where’s your pleasure now, that the storm’s reaching its max, where did your feelings go? The storm is spinning you around now, bringing you down now. Where’s your comm link now, Nadya? Where has your comm link gone now?
Nadya hit us up with some coordinates, asking for a pickup. Hep decides it’s prudent to wait for the storm to blow over before they head that way since it didn’t seem like an emergency pickup or anything.
Hep’s taxi service, gearing up.
The storm takes like 18 hours to blow over.
Ooris starts building a cage for the little shit she found eating her Doritos.
Duur boosts the signal, lets Nadya know we’re waiting out the storm before we come get her.
Nadya keeps coming our way, going like 12 miles per hour for 5 hours.
Then she rests 5 hours.
Then she goes for another 5 hours, which is 120 miles of 200 miles we’re away.
Then she rests. We take off and reach her pretty quickly, without really exerting ourselves.
Ooris finishes the cage she was making, then puts it up in her med-bay. The thing seems to like Ooris, nuzzling up against her slugness. It’s a Yetvah (made up by Ron, but completely Starwarsy). It’s named Bruce. These creatures are native to Dothamir, and some force users can communicate with them. They’re intelligent, and have a language if you can speak it. They’re force-sensitive. They can respond to force users. They can also have normal conversations. They’re intelligent, but they’re not, like, “let’s read a book.” If they get wet they become strong and grow bigger – double their size, up to like 4’ tall. They’re a bit clumsy out of water. They can become territorial.
Duur, a good commando, gets a message that essentially says it needs people to go on a special mission to Bakura to defend that planet against an invasion of some sort. They want mercenaries. “If you help us fight, we’ll help you find a place in the New Republic.”
He sends it on to the rest of the crew.
Nadya breaks out of the storm after hiking 75 miles.
Nadys hangs with some ape creatures. She gives them food. They say “da, da, da, da.” They seem to like her. She goes with them. They go to an area with tons of bamboo or something, and they’re like, eating it. They give her some bamboo. She peels off a little slice and chews on it. The ape guy takes a huge bite. Nadya takes off the helmet. A female with saggy gorilla titties sits down by her.
I don’t remember when we dropped acid. It must have been recently.
Nadya tries to use the data pad to communicate with them. (Triumph + succeed + threat) She gets a rudimentary translator. They’re a primitive people, hunter/gatherer.
Nadya sends, “I need you guys to meet me at these coordinates,” and sends some other coordinates. Or something. I don’t know now. There’s a beacon somewhere.
Nevermind. We go there and she says to come back later, so we come back later, to whatever location they (Nadya and her ape guides) go to. She shows up dirty and wet and super-tired.
Hep gets hailed. He ignores it. Duur heads to the cockpit and puts shields up.
They’re hovering.
Make sure we’re ready to take off, then look at the hail.
The hail has an Empire signature.
Duur mans the guns. Hep takes off.
The ship takes off. Hep follows. Full throttle.
There’s another hail message.
“We’ve already relayed our coordinates. You’ve interfered with an imperial space mission. You’ve violated some ordinance by not identifying yourself.”
Hep to Duur: “Shoot ‘em.”
Duur to the ship: “Light ‘em up.”
Duur opens the ramp, takes the patch of the Black Sun, drops it near the wreckage, then closes the ramp. “Alright, Hep, we’re done. Let’s get outta here.”
“Where to now?”
“Let’s get some stealth technology.”
Hep goes to orbit.
“Take me back down!” orders Nadya.
“Whatever you say, boss!” says Duur.
“Alright,” says Hep.
“I need to do this.”
“Do you need us for it?”
“I don’t think so, but I’m hoping you come along.”
“So what is this?”
“Years ago, this one woman by the name of Hsu Sa Bal was instrumental in destroying a clan of night sisters who Leandra was a part of and she’s given me the bounty to either capture and bring back and if I can’t do that then kill this person.”
“That’s it. Here’s the approximate location.”
“So, do you want help with this?”
“If you want to.”
“I’m asking you. It seems like it’s your mission. Do you want help with it?”
“My only goal is to get her back. I’d be happy to have you along.”
“You’re not answering my question.”
“Ooris, you in?”
“Is there food involved?”
“Let’s do this!”
Nadya decides to do research on this person, searching the galactic network. (2 success 1 threat)
In recent galactic history books Hsu Sa Bal was instrumental
in toppling the treacherous night sisters. Speaks favorably of
Count Dooku and the empire and shit.
And she had a kid.
Gevin Tyrell (the kid) is an imperial officer stationed on this
planet, dealing with logistics, transporting and moving goods
on and off planet.
“If we mess with her kid we might be able to get some goods.”
“I like it.”
He’s not too far from here – a couple hundred miles further along. It’s not wholly outside the direction we were already going.
10 XP.

Ghosts of the Past

May 8, 2015 – 10 XP (total 368)
As we are leaving the system, Nadya realizes Leandra Talc has been shot. Ooris stitched her up really, really damn well.
Meanwhile, Hep sets coordinates on the nav computer to jump to Felucia (and fails).
Then Duur asks, “How do you feel about going to Dathomir?” Hep resets the coordinates and starts heading that way.
Hep heads to his bunk, happy in the fact that it’s pretty drama-free at the moment.
Ooris continues to tend to the patient.

Leandra is awake and satisfied with her care.

She tells us she’s not from Dathomir, and warns us that it is crawling with Imperials. Her story is that her brother Gareth was supposed to be trained at Coruscant. After some time they split and took different paths. She doesn’t want to say ideologically opposed… But Gareth did send her a note through his errand boy Madrin. He’s gotten himself in trouble again by picking sides. He wants help.

“If you’re going to Dathomir, it’s going to take days longer than you expect to get there.”

“No, we’re going near Dathomir, of course,” Hep answers. He then turns to Duur and whispers, “What does she mean it’s going to take a long time to get there?”

“How long have you been force-sensitive?” she asks, looking at Nadya. Then they stare lovingly at each other while Leandra force-squeezes the shit out of Nadya.

Maybe literally. We’ll see.

Hep excuses himself saying he’ll be in his bunk, and goes to the bridge.

They continue to stare. Then Ooris interposes her head between their eyes.

“So, who sold you to Teemo?” asks Duur.

“The Empire.”

“Who in the Empire?”

“Somebody who doesn’t exist any more.”

Nadya nods and goes to engineering.

Duur feels tingly in the head. Her head feels odd. It’s as if something is in her mind. She shakes her head. “Mm. Mm mm.”

“So, you have a thing for the pilot, eh?”

“Did you know he’s left-handed?”

“No, but apparently you do.”

“Are you in my mind?” asks Duur.


“You could just ask questions.”

She looks at Ooris. “So, what’s your story?”

“I’m not obligated to say.”

Duur sees thin wispy things with black dragonflies on the end. They’re zipping around Ooris’s head, but hitting a barrier and can’t get in. It lasts 2-3 seconds, long enough for Duur to be uncertain of what she saw.

She says, “Glad you’re feeling better.” She walks away, to the bridge. There, she tells Hep, “She’s a little weird. I’ll be glad when we get to Dothamir.”

Hep is poring over the nav computer. He recognizes there is a miscalculation in the course, and replots it. His new course is perfect.

“But why do we want to go to Dothamir?”

“We could just drop her off.”

“But it’s Imperial. It’s dangerous.”

“We’ve done dangerous stuff before.”

“True enough. Let’s go.”

The console beeps. It’s a message from the Black Suns. Hep calls Nadya to the bridge. “Can you make it look like it’s rejected?”

“How about we make it look like we’re opening it someplace else?” She is able to hack the email and read the content without officially opening it.

It says: “The Black Nebula would like you to join us.”

There is a black sun vigo named Jerec. After Prince Xiksor’s death the vigos have been battling each other for power. Different factions of the black sun are battling for our allegiance to swell their ranks. Jerec is trying to resurrect the Black Sun under a different name – the Black Nebula.

Leandra walks in. “So, kind of crude, isn’t it?” She’s eyeballing the ship. “For somebody who can outsmart Teemo, there’s a surprising lack of amenities.”

“It’s not the ship, it’s how you fly it.”

“I see you corrected the course.”

“Darn right I did.”

“May I?”

“May you what?”

“Adjust your coordinates?”

“How do you mean that?”

“It looks to me that you’re trying to land here,” and she shows a moon. “I don’t know that would be the place I would choose.”

“Where would you land?” asks Duur.

“If I were going to Dothamir, I would land on Dothamir.”

“Why not the moon? Are there imperials there?”

“I haven’t been to Dothamir in a decade.”

Nadya and the rest start pulling up information about Dothamir’s moons.

Okay, so the moon is really densely overgrown with vegetation. Perfect for rancors. Not perfect for much else.

“It’s a perfectly logical place to enter the system.”

“Yes, purrrrrfect,” Leandra says, and her eyes take on the aspect of a cat’s. As she leaves, she says, “Nadya, training commences tomorrow morning at 4:00 sharp.” She leaves the bridge.

“See what I mean?” says Duur.

Hep runs after her. “Wait! We haven’t given you a room yet!”

“No worries,” she says. She emits a tree-cot and sticks it to the hull. “Here’s fine.”

“Well, alright.”

She whispers evilly, “Then people know where to get you in your sleep.”

Leandra smugly pulls up a bounty for 100,000 credits on Ooris.

Nadya turns around and pulls up a bounty on every single one of us.
10 XP

5/14/15 – 15 XP (383 total)
Party comes out of hyperspace and rolls force die
Duur and Hep see a planet circled by 4 moons
Duur looks at the formations and sees an anomaly – cloaked area right in front of the ship
Trap has been set – Force ship binds
Teemo’s ships on the right side and two are stuck in the bind.
“Dodge! Dodge! Nadya, Leandra get up here! it’s a trap and Teemo’s ships are here!” Duur shouts over the comm links.
Hep successfully navigates through the minefield, avoiding Teemo’s preoccupied ships.

Ooris hides with tasties ^^. “I have needs as a Hutt.”
They apparently aren’t as preoccupied as they first appeared. Five ships left the capitol ship and headed toward us.
Duur takes a shot at Teemo’s capitol ship and hits for a little damage.
Nadya tries to make sure the trap vines don’t get us, and stay out of Duur’s shot.
Hep goes defensive.
One of the stuck ships gets destroyed. The explosion forces a helping fighter to get stuck.
The other ship that was caught is now free and can attack us. I mean, Hep’s good, but he’s not omniscient.
Of the five fighters coming in slowly, they’re having a really tough time. Three get caught. Two are working their way around.
The capitol ship figures out how to move through the minefields by blasting the vines. It looks like they have a system down, using a combination of blasters plus the shield get through.
On the capitol ship it looks like they’re closing slats on the outside to do damage control. Fires are going out.
Duur fires at the following little ships. One of them shows heavy damage.
Ooris goes over to Duur brandishing his weapon, and says, “Good try, Duur, but I think I got ‘em.”
Duur responds, “Uh huh. Hop in the other gunner’s seat.”
Nadya continues channeling the force at the traps. The sensors show there’s nothing in front of us.
Duur takes a parting shot at the edge of combat and misses. The capitol ship does seem to get caught up in the minefield.
We successfully navigated the minefield and made Teemo look like an idiot.
We’re approaching Dathomir and its moons.
“So, where to?” asks Hep.
“Do you have any suggestions?” Nadya asks Leandra.
“You’re doing fine so far.”
“Okay, we’ll pick the place on the other side from the Imperials.”
Nadya maps a course to a dormant volcano with a ring on the inside we can put the ship in. Hep asks Duur to take an easy shot at the ground to see if it moves. It doesn’t. We land.
Hep starts PMCSing the ship. Leandra knocks on the outside of the ship and says, “Thanks for the ride!”
Nadya follows as fast as she can.
Duur puts on her tactical gear, including mask, and a fresh moist rag. She walks outside and walks a perimeter.
Leandra continues training Nadya on more advanced tactics and force-y shit.
Duur hears a heavy, long growl. “We gotta get outta here. Get on the ship.”
“I can’t make it,” answers Nadya.
Ooris had just gotten to the bottom of the ramp and he turns around and climbs back up.
“Start it up!”
Hep flies up 100 stories and we see a rancor monster climbing the side of the volcano.
“Does anyone know which way Nadya went?” asks Hep.
“East,” replies Nadya.
Hep flies 50 kilometers east and finds an open field to land the ship in.
Duur sets up a perimeter (sensors) and hops on the speeder bike and heads toward Nadya.
Hep hacks some vines and brings them back to the ship. “I’m going to make a hammock.” He proceeds to make a tangle trap, with him in it.
Duur, watching, says, “What are you doing?”
“I’m making a hammock.”
“No, you’re not. Grab that end.”
Together they are able to weave the vines together to make a sturdy hammock.
“Wow, awesome. Thanks!”
Meanwhile, Ooris gets an email on her data pad. “Your identity has been compromised. They’re coming for you.” It’s from her witness protection program. he decides to stay firmly on the damn ship. he pokes a communicator on the ship and asks, “How long are we going to be here?”
Duur says, “Until Nadya comes back.”
“When is Nadya coming back? Huh? Just curious, Duur. Duur? Duur! When is Nadya coming back?”
“When Nadya comes back. Do you need some Pringles?”
“I think Teemo might be coming for a visit.”
“Did you say Teemo?”
“Awesome. We’re going to finish up the hammock and we’ll be right in.”
A second email comes in. “Tracking beacon in tail.” It looks like something was typed really fast. Someone mashed the keyboard. Once again, it’s the witness protection program. he hits the wall com. “I think we’ve been followed.”
Duur picks up the perimeter gear and he and Hep get back on the ship. Hep runs the hammock to his quarters and meets up with Duur and Ooris. Ooris shows Hep the email.
“Is the tracker in the ship tail or in your tail?”
“I don’t know.”
“Ok, run a scan.”
he runs a scan.
he does.
Mm hm.
Scan complete.
“Hep, it seems you were right about my, ahem, tail.” It’s deactivated now.
“Do you need a tissue?” asks Hep. Then: “Hey, can you weaponize that?”
“I’ll try.” Moments later, he has it ready.
“Do we have a tranquilizer gun?” asks Hep.
“Yup, got one right here,” answers Duur.
“Let’s go!”
We fly back to the volcano. Duur starts to track a rancor beast. He spots it fast. And the tree cover isn’t sparse. Hep stabilizes the ship really well. She takes the perfect shot. HIT!
We find another landing place to the south.
It’s approaching evening. Duur sets up a perimeter. With kit.
The flora in this area – if you touch it – is poisonous. If you wear gloves (and wash before using the toilet) you can use that to your advantage.
“Hey, everyone. Setting up the perimeter. Careful of the flora here. They’re poisonous. I’m using them to fuck up anybody that comes near us. Over.”
“I hear ya!” answers Hep.
15 XP

When Family Comes Knocking

3/27/2015 15 XP (total 343)
We all rolled dark side points this time (4). No light.
The double-ended light saber gets cut in half. Neither side is working.
Nadya drags Boonrock’s body out to the revolution. The town begins building a statue to her, but are having trouble finding her good side. In the meantime she prepares an impromptu speech.
Madrin loots the ship
Ooris makes his way to the Symerthian Palace to find crucified nobles and Symethians.
“People of Symerthia let me have your attention I stand here” Gun shots from Nadya. Nadya Louder helmet projecting more—-but helmet does not work. “Give me your attention.” 5% stopped their shenanigans.
“Look there’s Boonrock”
“Check out that armor”
“Here is what happens to your oppressors when they don’t follow what the people of Symerthia wish to do with their live and when they make it difficult. You have risen up this day. To take back what is yours. your Lives and I give you here your first step in keeping it.” Nadya lets Body Drop. 89% of the crowd pays attention. “ I implore all of you to stop the hurt because there is has been enough of it this day.” Slug” Does that mean you are going to employ all of us?”

The fighting is not done yet. Burn the congressional palace. Give us jobs.
Nadya “Why would you continue to destroy it?”

“We don’t trust anyone.”

Crowd calming.

Hush comes across everything. The spice hangs in the air. Time is suspending. Serenne moment. The congressional palace doors open. Tall blue creature steps out. In front of her is the shy senator from the saloon. And she bows. The nobles bow. Nadya stutters.
She does not speak and she walks through the crowd without speaking. Everyone bows to her. There is a feeling that there is nothing left to fear. “This is how it can be if I have your allegiance.” Then everyone can move freely again. “This is how it can be if you choose me as your leader.”

She’s tall and blue.

Nadya contemplating this tall blue Twilek or is it Nautolan?
Ooris Slugging it into the palace
Crowd says “Yes we choose”
Crown continues to torture the Symerthians.
Nadya heads back to the ship.
Ooris finds empty palace.
Hep tries to get everyone on the ship to leave.
Nadya welds. Tried to get one thing each time.
Two ships “ What do you think you are doing? Do you have Boonrock with you?”

“We think he is on the planet.”
How clean is your button?
Black Sun shows up. Hep says can we triangulate.
I just checked his ship.
Hep and Madrin check the palace with speeder.
Rest of Black Sun checking.

Choppa gets out, goes into Boonrock’s ship, and sees that everything is stripped out of his ship. There’s a hole in the side of his ship that’s been badly welded.
He calls more folks in to investigate.

Ooris is in one of the rooms that Nadya searches.
“Ello Sweetie” Ooris says to Nadya
Laughing “Your not going to find anything in this palace”
Nadya “Who are you?”
Ooris remembers Nadya from the dance. Ooris realizes Nadya is part of the people who cleared the trade route.
“Boonrock Boonu way to go man”
“Give us your loc”
Nadya sends location
Madrin and Hep head towards Nadya.
“Can I keep a secret. I am full of secrets.”
“Don’t let anyone else hear that you say that.”

Hep drives the speeder in. Madrin has his weapon out. He sees the hutt. Nadya signals a halt, and Madrin doesn’t fire.
Oorin calls him a Twilek.
He fires, but the shot goes wide.
“Oops. I hope the next one doesn’t—”
“Relax,” said Nadya. “My new compatriot and I were just coming to an understanding.”
“Were you addressing me, Twilek?” said Ooris.
This time Madrin aims and fires. And he hits.
“Why would you shoot at an unarmed man?” says Ooris. “Hand me my medpack.”
Hep dismounts and walks in. Nadya says, “We have an accord.” She walks to the hutt.
“Please hand me my stims! Sweetie! My stims!”
“Get them yourself, you pansie.”
“Hep! I think Nadya’s under mind control!”
To the statement about an accord, he says, “Funny! She called me a twi’lek twice!”
“If you stand down, I will discuss it with you.”
Ooris applies a stimpack.
Hep and Madrin head to the speeder bike again. Hep is insistent that we need to get out of here.
“I’m listening,” says Madrin as he moves toward the speeder.
“I ran into him when I came into this room. He recognized me for who I was – the one who killed Boonrock. In an attempt to keep that knowledge from getting out, I offered him a ride.”
“What? You offered a hutt a ride? Did he stick his tail out and hitch a ride?”
“A ride is nothing. After that our deal is done. As far as I’m concerned,” and Nadya lowers her voice. “You can shoot the hell out of him afterward.”
“Let me check the bounty board and see if he is worth anything.”
“Alright, Nadya. He’s your cargo. You figure out how to watch him. By the way, let’s disarm him.”
Nadya and the hutt leave on foot. Hep and Madrin leave on the speeder bike.
“I don’t really like this plan,” says Madrin over comms.
“I don’t either, but we’ve got to get out of here somehow.”
“If that hutt lets that go…”
“Oh, you go right ahead.”
We get to the exit nearest the docking bay. Nadya calls out to Choppa that the palace has been stripped. No response.
Nothing is moving. Nothing is threatening.
We move out and get into the ship.
We do pre-flight checks. Nadya is looking for anything that might cause damage to the ship.
We’re all uneasy about it, but we’re on the ship.
As we’re about to take off into space, a huge ship comes down and we’re flanked by four X-Wings that have been hijacked.
Ooris recognizes the ships. (It’s her uncle, Teemo the hutt.)
Hep pilots the ship sideways and runs into the ancient temple. Then he tries to plot a course for hyperspace. It fails miserably.
Nadya finds a self-destruct engaged and connected to the thrusters. She says, “We have 60 seconds to plot a course before we go boom.”
Hep says, “I’m landing the ship. Everybody off!” Nadya and Madrin in the engine room didn’t hear him.
He spins the ship so that the hatch is near the rubble such that when everyone gets off the ship, they’ll be near cover.
Nadya attempts to disarm the bomb mechanically. She’s sweating bullets. She gets the sense that Hep’s ditched her and Madrin’s probably not far behind. She touches one wire, then another, then finally grabs a completely different wire and yanks it out. No boom!
The bomb shuts down. For a second she doesn’t realize it’s disarmed. She watches it for a second. Nothing. The timer reads 30 seconds.
Then Nadya breathes.
“fR5K3, go to the cockpit and help Hep set coordinates out of here.”
Madrin makes for the nearest exit. He passes Ooris and says, “Better get off the ship, slug. There’s a fucking bomb!”
Ooris is skeptical.
Hep takes cover in the congressional palace.
Nadya loads the bomb into a launcher.
Madrin catches up to Hep.
“I’m a medic. I don’t know how to work these guns!” says Ooris.
“This allows you to aim. This button fires it,” instructs Nadya.
Ooris does it immediately. It hits one of Teemo’s buddy’s ship and bounces off.
Hep runs toward the other side of the congressional palace.
Madrin runs toward the mob, intending to get lost in them.
(Jess rolls a bunch of dice.)
Teemo fires at the ship and misses.
Baddie #1 shoots and hits the ship.
Nadya sends, “Stop your firing. We’re coming out.” She heads toward the cockpit.
Negotiation roll (3 purple 1 black):
Baddie #2 shoots and misses.
Teemo says, “Come on out. Let me see you.”
Nadya walks out, fully armored, no weapons in hand.
Ooris stays on the ship.
“Oh, you will be a prize,” says Teemo.
Nadya tells us, “I disabled the bomb. I have Teemo’s attention at the moment. I’m off the ship. Slug boy is still on the ship. If you guys can get back on without them knowing and set up those coordinates, we can still take off. But I don’t have a lot of time. I can only stall them for so long.”
A claw lowers down and reaches toward Nadya. It grabs at Nadya, who steps away from it.
“I gave up, and you can’t just come down here and take me like a normal prisoner.”
“You think I’m getting off this ship?”
“I didn’t say you. Send guys. Don’t try to shoot me with your frickin’ claw.”
The claw grapples at her again, this time successfully from behind. She’s caught spread-eagle and is raised up toward his ship. She activates her rocket pack, and tries to fly up to the top of the ship. She reaches it, then tries to line up a shot on the cable, but is not able to see it. She takes a shot at the claw that wraps around her body.

For the record, as a quick aside, Nadya’s alternate ID is Janice Crucible.

There’s a little bit of flare in her face but not much. The claw at her chest loosens up. She strains against it and gets one arm free. Then she gets pulled into the ship.

Dun dun DUN!

4/24/15 – 15 XP (total 358)
Hep looks for ships.
Madrin thinks being followed so sneaks through crowd.
Over communications party hears Nadya in a skirmish.
Nadya gets groped by Ugnaughts while on steely claw
Frisky gets orders to execute X7YB (ship sanitization)
Madrin and Hep head towards public dock.
Hep and Madrin grab speeders from public dock. Madrin and Hep recon Teemo ship and his wingmen.
Nadya shock gloves the magnet hoping to overload the batteries.
Ugnaughts shocked. Nadya shocks boot guy.
Teemo ship moving strangely. Hands Electrobinoculars.
Nadya is giving the Ugnaughts a run their money.
Teemo-Red and Yellow Exploding planet looking sigil
“The faster we follow them the more chance we have of keeping up”
Nadya goes invisible.
Shocks guys that steps on her.
Blast into hull.
Hep and Madrin follow Teemo with Party ship and space Station with Penis Bridge
Doornail permission to dock. Dock at bay 10.
We dock on the Penis.
Try to land at VIP bay but get turned back to Docking bay 10.
Cultural space station.
We buy disguises.
Madrin and Hep Sneak into Teemo meeting with Senator.
Madrin sneaks past mercenaries
Madrin finds Nadya in the middle of her own escape plan.
Nadya opens the cell of another despite Madrin’s protest.
A woman is on the wall with branches sprouting everywhere. She identifies herself as Leandra Talc. Madrin against protests by Nadya frees Leandra Talc and gives her the note from Gareth. Leandra reads the note becomes angry.
Madrin and Nadya calm her down and they sneak out through the vents.
While in the vents Hep becomes aware from comms that it is time to go and he walks out of the Hutt area unstopped.
When Madrin, Nadya, and Leandra try to do the same there is a minor scuffle but they make it into the elevator. Hep is preps the ship for a hasty getaway.
The Doornail Crew blasts away from the space station just in time before the security forces and Teemo could recover from the shock of the rescue.
15 XP

Rise of a Revolution

1/16/2015 – 18 XP (total XP 293)

Boonrock Bonu introduces himself, thanks us for coming to Sy Myrth.
There is a grand palace (Congressional Palace, has some boring history we don’t listen to). The place is molluskular. And guarded.
We get to the ornate, wooden, double doors. Marble floors inside. In the back corner is a burned picture/painting.

Sy Myrth has had its problems over the years. It’s starting to become powerful. Terelius trade route has been taken over by bandits and hutts. “Honorless species.” Want to make a deal with the Black Sun.

Choppa offers our services. They accept, for 10% and no molestare our shippa.

Request list:
5 guys (one is a medic), 2 droids, 4 guns, one partridge, and Madrin’s “Johnson” camera

We take off in the wake of the transport ship. LITERALLY IN THE WAKE. Like, right freaking there.

Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens.
BOOM. Shit appears out of hyperspace! 5 ships, to be exact. Assault transport, Y-wing, A-7 hunter-interceptors, two delta-6 defense star fighter.

Madrin assessed the tactical situation and then ran to the gun.

The light assault transport is the anchor. It gets nose-to-nose with the decoy transport ship.

Nadya activates the cannons on the decoy transport. And when we say “activate,” we mean “ACTIVATE.” (Triumph, 6 success, 2 threat.) Hits the Y-wing between the shields. BOOM Shards from it hits the Delta 6 (lowering the armor by 1).

A-7 goes. Strafes across the top of the decoy transport. Misses.

Delta-6s go. Miss and hit – takes out the top gun. Flat spin! Goose is dead! Oh noes!

Madrin hits one D-6 and takes it out.

Choppa evaluates a shot, but doesn’t pull the trigger… yet.

Remaining D-6 swoops underneath, clips the transport, bounces.

Three more Y-wings pop in from hyperspace. They get dock-lock. The transport is dead in the water. We play it a little more cool.

We swoop out from behind the transport and shoot at the Y-wings. The first shot from Madrin just hits. Nadya angles the deflector shields. The assault transport is boarding the decoy. Choppa takes a shot at the same Y-wing and takes it out.

Hep pulls some brilliant evasion while Madrin and Choppa attack. Madrin hits for 4. Hep draws them into themselves and they start shooting at their own transport. The BTL takes out the A-7, and does 5 damage to the transport. The D-6 is down to 2. Choppa attacks and takes out the other BTL. One BTL left.

Madrin has the remaining BTL dead to rights, hitting it solidly (1 point left). Nadya advises him to dock as well.

The Black Sun show up, clean up, board the transport. They search the hold and find some basic stuff.

1/30/2015 20 XP (total XP 313)

Wholly crap we all rolled dark side points (4) today. Must be something about Jess’s GMing.
We are invited to an event that includes politicians, other luminaries, etc. at the Congressional Palace. Invited in the morning. Party in the evening.
Nadya’s pheromones attract the Twileks!
Hep is despondent, bordering on suicidal, we aren’t flying anymore. =(
Madrin is suspicious of the gregarious Twileks
Hep takes a nap.
Madrin and Nadya go to get their robes pressed and armor polished. This isn’t a double-entendre.
13th and Market street – Spice Wash – good place to get robes pressed and shit.
There’s a Sy Merthian at the counter, wearing suspenders and a white shirt. He’s busy in the store.
Siala goes to the buy clothes.
The sun is shining. Nadya opens her visor and lets the sun hit her face. She smells the spice. Ah! She smells the market and… closes her visor.
Siala and Madrin go to the SPA.
Guangu shows up to escort us.
Sun Guard members of the Sith.

We make our way to the palace for the party. The Sun Guard stop us at the entrance and demand we leave our weapons outside. Um… Yeah, initiative.
Or not.
Ciala mentions something about pus. Lots of pus. Oozy, gooey, nasty pus. And the Sun Guard back off.
We get in. There’s strings. There’s drums.
Boonrack Banu screams. The music stops. We are introduced. And holy shit, they applaud us. Mostly a golf clap. They mean it, though.
Hep bows. Nadya somehow takes the credit.
We start dancing with the Twi’leks.
Madrin dances with the the blue one ungracefully.
Nadya kills it!

There are some politicians from the inner world. (Ciala knows about them from her time as a bodyguard.)
There are twi’lek politicians, Cy Merthian politicians, and even a Hutt.
There are humanoid politicians from like Naboo or Dantooine.
High ranking senators, all kinds.
There’s one in particular that is an extravagant Cy Merthian.
Then Ciala’s favorite politician shows up. Bow! Hey! Boom! Yo! Yeah!
He wants to introduce her around.
Queenru Bonaru meets with Siala and goes out to smoke on the terrace with her.
Madrin is getting a drink at the bar. Then he fondles his balls. No, wait, he feels something in his pocket. Not convinced it’s not his balls yet… Pending. Waiting…
It’s parchment. They stay in his pockets for now.
He goes to the bathroom. There are people doing lines of “spice.” There’s some sort of private “room divider” you can open and shut, but there’s no actual privacy. People are getting their fuck on and shit here. Wow. Wrong place to read a secret message.
He feels a tingle in the back of her head. It pulls him away from the bathroom. He goes further away from the bathroom down a long corridor. There’s bass from the drums, but no other heavy noise here. There’s an open archway into the terrace. There’s beautiful cypress trees here.
Holy shitballs and a fucking half. He makes the roll. There are cameras, and someone making out somewhere, but he finds a place where nobody will see.
He gets into the corner, pulls out the notes, one at a time. Right pocket first. He opens it. In common, it says, “Help!” It’s written in blood. He burns the note.
Nadya makes her way to the terrace while Hep takes over being the life of the dance floor. Madrin force-pulls Nadya toward the corner.
Madrin says, “I think someone’s trying to crash our party. I found a note. I can’t read it.”
Nadya scans the thing, whatever it is. Yeah.
It loosely translates to, “Do not trust.” It’s written in Twi’lek/Ryl. It’s hard to say because the Ryl language includes body language, that is not present in the note.
Madrin’s Vera is named “Betsy”
Nadya talks to one of the many various Twi’leks, pulls her away from the party. She tries to get the girl to read the note. She’s totally hesitant and almost snide with her attempts to not read the thing. Nadya tries to charm her into reading.
She says, “The note says, ‘do not trust Boonrock.’”
She goes on to say we’re with the Black Sun, so we’re in on it. She doesn’t believe we’re actually in on freeing a bunch of Twi’leks and Ugnaughts.
“Oren Fretah has been selling us to the Cy Merthians, the Hutts, anybody who would line his pockets. He and Boonrock have been in an engagement for quite some time. It’s what keeps the spice mines going.” (He was the big super-fat twilek we saw coming in.)
“Where would you go?”
“I’d stay here and kill every last one of them that ever laid a hand on me.”
She’s got a bit of a vendetta.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.
“Just call me Jara Tiure,” she says.
And then they kiss.

Dancing continues. Madrin dances. Hep dances.
Nadya invents Star Wars Line Dancing.
The body language of the Twi’leks is filled with pain and suffering. Madrin is depressed. And drinking.
Nadya chills the party out. Peace, yo.
Cokehead senator is trying to bring the party to life all by himself. Nadya takes offense. No, wait, she’s tired.
Madrin find a beautiful blue Twilek male and heads back to the ship.
Hep leaves with a gorgeous guacamole looking Twilek and has fun back at the ship.
In the morning the party argues over whether they wanted to help the Twi’leks or not. Hep and Nadya are for it. Madrin is not but is convinced when Nadya shows
Madrin sees a grouping of speeders with Sun Guards and Sy Myrth on his perch heading to the canyon.
20 xp

2/27/2015 15 XP (total XP 328)
Siala see flesh droid. C3PO with skin on.
Ginger Space Vodka twist with Lime is ordered by.
Madrin communicates Senator is on the way and he is moving to more advantageous spot to cover. The meeting place is indoor
“Like getting an A in special Ed” ← that’s worth bonus xp
Madrin is sneaking his way down. He’s super-fucking-sneaky. He goes down the building, into the saloon without anybody seeing him. He sees two Sun Guards hanging out in the back of the room. (They’re not sith people, they’re bodyguards of the congressional folks.)
OOC: Ron hit his head on Nemesis. Freaking ouch!
There’s a coat closet to the side, but no coats in it. He slides his way into it. The door swings open in front of him, so if the door is open he doesn’t see anything. There is a sneak lane out that would take him behind the rickety wood pallet setup.
He sneaks around and finds a place to see the back door and Ciala.
Hep gets a ride to the place from Nadya’s jet pack hug.
Cialia says, “We are on the side of truth and justice!”
Hep adds, “And money and nookie!”
The senator doesn’t quite relax at this.
“What can we do?” asks Ciala.
The senator slides the curtain shut. Madrin no longer has sight on Ciala.
“You know the slave situation here on Sy Myrth.”
“It’s about as bad as we saw in the mines.”
“You saw the mines?”
“The resort. Elsewhere.”
“They’re kept in the mines. No food or water. If they die, their bodies are kept in a mass grave.”
“What can we do to stop this? How do we free them?”
“Boonrock Bahnu must be stopped by any means necessary.”
“The congressional palace is not only outfitted with guards, but also a telekinetic.”
Madrin remembers back at the party a tingling sensation in the back of his head when someone slipped a note into his pocket. Someone tried to get into his mind.
“Outside of the congressional palace is the area where you would have the most success.”
“The slaves are kept in the spice mines five miles to the east. If you free the slaves and take out Boonrock Bahnu, i can’t promise you much of a reward but it will bring a much needed change that can be capitalized on by the Black Suns. If you don’t mind I will get back before anyone misses me.”
“There is a dry cleaner on market street. The merchant next to it is a friend. Say to him, ‘never shall she reign, never in her glory.’” Send a message through him and I will get it.
Madrin sees the senator slide the window open and shuffle out the back.
Nadya drops Hep off (which is what the helmet was apparently for). Hep goes in for a drink. Nadya goes on to try to watch the senator from a distance. There are two Sun Guard following her.
Nadya goes dark (and by that it means she cuts us off from communication but we can still hear what she is doing). She finds a canopy and wood building. She crouches behind it in her camo. The senator continues to stroll along. She goes by. She looks like she’s heading back to the congressional palace. Nadya is waiting for the Sun Guard.

Nadya picks a fight.
“Why are you following her”
Madrin says “Damn it, why is Nadya always killing my fun time”
Surprise attack is successful.
We’ve suddenly turned into a Quentin Tarantino movie.
Lots of noise, lots of commotion.
The local rabble get into it.
She is drawing in a crowd that’s into a stoning. She gets after the second guy and drags him inside.
Nadya asks, “Why are you following her?”
Madrin has an erection. A stiffie. A boner. A hard-on. A chubby. A tent pole. He’s got wood. He’s got wood! Teak, Mahogany,Walnut, Maple, Cherry!
Nadya gets him to admit it’s Boonrock Bahnu who sent them to kill the senator. She shocked him until he was unconscious and tossed him out into the street to the mob.
Madrin and Hep are hanging at the bar. Nadya walks in looking like she kicked somebody’s ass. She sits down at the bar and orders Corellian Whiskey.
Ciala joins the rest of the crew.
We hear music, like Beethoven’s Fifth, as if it was written a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
Madrin hits the floor, gun out.
Hep runs outside and sees the slaves carrying the decapitated heads of the Sun Guard on pikes and chanting about revolution. He hops on a speeder bike and heads back to the ship.
We meet back at the ship.
(Extra blue die on next roll for Hep. Extra blue die on next two rolls for Nadya. Madrin is a slacker.)
Ouris is providing the soundtrack for the revolution.

Something like that, only more “galaxy far far away” esque.
Ooris wakes up to see lots of death and slaughter.
Hep takes the ship and drops Madrin and Nadya off at the congressional palace. Madrin goes in through the front, into the greeting room. Nadya flies off to the top.
Madrin faces a closed, heavy, wooden door. Nobody is around. He whips out his lightsabre and cuts a speeder-bike-sized hole in the door. He zooms into the room. His assistant, Guan Gwu is there, busying himself at the far wall.
“Where is Boonrock? It is of the utmost importance and safety!” says Madrin.
“Oh! Oh! Madrin, sir! The most crazy thing is happening.”
“Where’s Boonrock?”
“He’s on the ship.”
Madrin takes off.

Meanwhile, Nadya lands in the courtyard on top of a couple of Black Suns. She careens into them, crashing them into a brick wall.

Hep heads to the courtyard.
Nadya looks for Boonrock’s ship by slicing in. She goes into camouflage, then slices in.
Nadya says, “Look for an explosion. Where you see it, land there.”
She tosses two frag grenades there.

Some shit happens

Hep takes the ship into the camouflaged docking bay, and backs the engines up to the other ship engines, trying to disable it with overheating and damage. And succeeds.
Madrin heads out while Hep lands close. Nadya joins him.

Goo drops from the hull as Madrin is trying to breach with his light saber. It’s Boonrock Bahnu.
He gets lit up. “Natural born killers” level.
We find a thermal detonator
Synthetic standard neurotoxin (1 dose)
Avabush spice (1 cargo container)
Yaruk (1 dose)
Also some artisan rare items. We’ll see what they are.
Double-ended yellow light saber on board.
Holocron on board.
And aside from the hole, the ship is pretty nice.

Nadya goes out dragging the body. Everybody is looking at her. She gives the name “<tbd>” to say who did this.
15 XP

Under a Black Sun

0/11/14 – 15 XP
Nadya attacks the turrett – misses
Siala reports Mine Oxs are attacking the ship.
Nadya comes to aid
Another ship lands – ship from other planet after Trakinor Cass
Big hole in the ground – barrier has dropped – calnocks are coming.
Siala gets on the ship gun
Calnocks swarm the party. Duur lays surpressing fire; Nadya shuttles Madrin across the bridge; comes back for Duur; Durr is surrounded by calnocks – init
Party flies to the bottom of the floating city
Madrin lands on tops of trees – Mine oxs
Party exits swamp environment- Duur does minock clean up – sweeps the leg
Madrin and Nadya got to get the crystal 100 yrds ground becomes solid. three hatches. They open hatch with the strongest signature
They find the crystal. – cube shaped – 8 feet across – each point is a different color.
Other ship has taken off and is hovering over the city – over th hole of the calnocks exit
Madrin connects tow cable Nadya engineers how it will happen.
Other ship descends through the calnock hole – platform spits out with 3 baddies.
Alarms on the ship go off – Duur goes into the ship – sees alerts
Madrin runs to the ship; Duur aims ship guns at the new ship, nadya aims to blow up the platform baddies
Madrin takes off – pulling the crystal
Entire city platform falters- city crumbles down. Large ship is revealed
Nadya runs to catch up with the ship.
Party Takes off into space
Tries to meet up with Trakinor. Party cannot find him – party leaves message in Trakinor’s signal. With location to find us.

11/7/2014 – Base party XP 240 after this session
-On Siskeen get a message saying we get a message saying we need to download information.
-Alarms start blaring after download the information is encrypted
-Hear agents scrambling.
-Speeder seems better option for escape. Droid gets blasted
-Perception Durr and Madrin see Black Sun Insignia on pursuers
-Initiative-Durr “The Green Man sends his regards!”
-Hep hops in the empty pilot seat
-Madrin blasts down a speeder 3 speeders still after us
-Siala pulls out the big one! Nicks bike and one of the speeders chasing slows down.
- Durr Gets a fearsome wound in his side side side side side (Dick) This slows his speeder down. 2 speeders slowed down. Yeah bitches!
-Hep pulls a sneaky piloting move and stashes us in a dark alley.
-Madrin “holds” his “action” (he was going to whip it out!)
-Message in Durr’s com…we know you have packed
-Quadrant L42
-Hep beats the computer with his fists! With 2 advantage! (What else is new)
-On the screen a map of the security forces. Hep hands it to Madrin, who looks for Quadrant L42.
-Madrin assists Hep with sneaky navigation to get to L42. It is an abandoned-looking Garage.
-Groups of Ugnauts (little pig guys) are working on shit here.


-Booming voice rings out from behind the junk pile. A large, green, mottled Besalisk named “Chopper” hugs Madrin. We think there is groping going on.

(We are not saying “Get to da choppah!”)


Due to Siala’s weird ass mood:

-Madrin checks his pockets. Everything’s there.
-Manufactured memories? We don’t know what the hell is going on.
-No mystical energy field controls Duur’s destiny.
-Sound proof type room
-There with the Green Man. We have been keeping tabs.
-Urba the Hutts men wearing must be wearing Black Sun Sigil’s
-We Earned our place with the Black Sun.Lets get to the interesting part our 25k.
-Hands us a chip with 30k credits Durr hands to Help

-Payment as promised!

-Got 30 Grand credits!

← /like


Oh, take away a black die. Cool. We’re cool.

Nikto is the species that was chasing us on the speeders (look at the ugly bastard below)

-Offered entrance into the Black Suns. We would still be able to operate autonomously, but they might have the occasional job for us. It’s the biggest pirate organization in the galaxy. No more blazing chains. SEVER ALL TIES! But whatever. They suck, amirite?
-So, we pissed off a lot of Hutts, and want some reach. So yeah, I guess we’re in.

-Yup, we’re in.
5000 credits in group fund
-Reason why you were being followed by Black Sun is they were trying to take over this guy’s job. Green Man and folks were putting trust in me. They took that as a sign of weakness of me.
-yeah, we fucked their shit up.
-”But they might have made a deal with Erba to get in there and with his help were able to get enough manpower and strength to overthrow me. Also looks like he might have someone on your tail.”
100,000 Grand bounty on the Cluster’s Crew
-Look up bounty wants us alive. Operates on ship called cluster
-Umbra club, the traverse, Spyder, Twin Peaks, and Xelcon Tower.
-Ask Chopper the Spyder is gambling club

Reference Links:
Big Tent – Linds account: pass: F33dm3m0r3

11/21/2014 ALL THE XP IS BELONG TO US. 250 total XP after this session.
Hey, so we got the extra 5k credits because we got more info out of the system.
Ron Burkhard or go home

The foreign guy, Choppa, said, “I know who is following you.”
Duur replies, “Who was following us?”
“His name is Kato Lee—Ahhhh——choss. It’s another Nikto. Looks like he’s been doing a little bit of smuggling for fuckIjustforgothisnamewhothehellistheguy. The hutt. um…”
Hep leans over to Duur and says, “I think this guy’s high.”
“He’s been stealing our stuff as well.”
“Fucker!” said Duur, indignantly.
“So we need to hunt this guy down for what?”
Kato Licktoes?
M O U S E! Kato Mouse!
Anyways, his usual hangout places appear to be the Umbra Club, the Spider, and a place called Zelconn Tower.
He’s the bounty hunter trying to go after you, but he’s also doing illegal smuggling against …
Madrin is “half the man he used to be.” Light saber training gone wrong.
The Spider is a sabback parlor – big place for gamblers. More crimal crinimal criminal hangout point.

Going to go to the Umbra club, hell yeah!
Sector 1459 in the city. Hep drives. Madrin and Duur ride along.
(This is just a small-time cantina. No smuggling. Some death sticks.)
As soon as you enter the cantina, you notice the smell – the combined odor of stale liquor, burning death sticks and other rank substances washes over you. Broken chairs, tattered couches, private booths with ragged curtains. Center of room, large brightly lit dance floor.
Patrons hang.

Behind the bar a gruff gotal slings drinks. Gotals look like the picture at the left here. He’s really into his drink slinging. We think he’s singing a Marvin Gaye tune. Something about Gotal Healing.

Twiliks on the stage dancing. All manner of people going around selling death sticks, drinking. There are people behind the curtains.

Madrin is looking for trouble. Sadly, there isn’t any. He orders a “normal, strong drink.”

“Unfortunately, as of late, this is about as heated up as it gets. I’m not sure why. It’s a bit run down. Maybe stuff with the hutt. Maybe because they have RATTY FUCKING COUCHES and DEATH STICKS here.”

Madrin orders a Corellian Ale. Madrin tips the bitter bartender. He’s cleaning a glass. With his tongue.

Perception roll (difficulty 2): 2 success 1 advantage: You do not see anyone that matches the description of LEACHOS. There is one person that is going around doing a lot of heavy duty death stick sales.

Madrin would like to purchase some death sticks, in a mexican accent for some reason.

“How many?”


“I got a few on me. I might have a little extra if you give me a few minutes.”

“Alright. I’ll give you a few minutes.”

“How many?”


“C’mon, really?”

“How much is it?”

“5 each.”

“I’ll take 40. No wait, I want a cargo container of them. And I want to pay 250 credits.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Do you know how hard this stuff is to come by?”

“I’m a paying customer. Can you do it or not? and I need a sample.”

“You’re cutting me off, man! That’s if I got it to you in like…”

“Pffft!” Madrin starts to walk away.


“Look, I can sell you the stuff, but it’s gonna cost extra.”

“Ok, if I pay that, you owe me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”


“350 and a favor, and it’s a deal.”

“Ok, go get a booth for a minute and I’ll be right there. My name’s Spang. I’ll be right back, okay?”

Madrin gets a booth. He goes to the first occupied booth and pulls the person out of it. The dude he pulls out runs. I don’t mean, like, dribbles, not like Duur’s moistness or anything. He books it.

“Here’s where you can find your stuff.”

“I’ll pay you half now.”

“I’m telling you it’s there. I’m not cheating you.”

“I’m just trying to make a deal.”

Madrin takes out the credit stick, holds out his hand. They shake on the deal. “I think I might want to use that favor. What do you know about Kato Miachos? Have you seen him around?”

He goes wide-eyed a moment. “Dunno who that is.”

Madrin tries to convince him with hardware. Unimpressed, he starts to walk away. He’s cut off by two guys blocking the path. Zabrak and a Rodian.

They start some shit. They currently have 4 legs between them. Six if you count death stick guy.

Duur reaches across to knock the guy’s head into the table.

Madrin pulls a “mime surprise” (activates shock glove and misses)

Um… combat ensues. With some grappling.

“So why’d your friend try to hit me?”
He answers in hutt-speak.

Madrin and Duur bring a couple extra passengers back to Hep’s ride.

Coercion check – major failage. (Is he still miming?)

Duur makes some progress. “Kato moves merchandise. He likes Sabback over at the Spider. Owes them money”

Madrin sticks the guy’s credits in his clothing.

We drop the two off again. Madrin is whining about toes.

12/13/14 – 25 XP Each 5 XP for notes
Can go to the Spider or Zelcon Tower
Spider has a reputation for gambling with large payout. Large Sabbacc games. Also has a reputation for place that has good information.
Madrin, Hep and Duur go to the Sabbacc tables.
Siala stays outside as a lookout.
The spider has a central pit of card tables, loud and noisy. Lucky rolls fill up the room. Behind the bar is a two headed twig using all four arms. Nikko bounty hunter is not her. Holler at the emps and patrons for info.
Hep goes to find an electronic game and looking around. Party goes to the bartender “What’d you got that buuuuurns… but won’t kill me?” Madrin asks
Bartender fixes him a “flaming” drink. Duur gets a blue ocean drink.
Duur and Madrin ask about Kato – he owes us money, is the story.
Bartender doesn’t offer up any information (Bwa Bwa)
Duur and Madrin leave it open for later and leave to play Sabbac.
Table agrees on 80 credits –
Madrin seems to have weird luck. He won 480 credits on game 1 (triumph).
Corsin Finn – Botham in the corner- Boss of The Spider
Duur goes to Madrin and tells him about the Boss.
Madrin and Hep play another round.Hep wins! 4600 credits!
Madrin plays the slots enters 100 credits and wins 3333 credits!
Intermission -

Party goes to boss. Duur speaks to him, hoping he could point us in the right direction.
Kato – hitting shipments – 1,000 credits if we lay a trap for him.
Come back to the Spider tomorrow.
Party bids adeui and will be back tomorrow
Party goes to Zelcomm Towers, where there was a distinct absence of bicycles.
Nadya gets the blueprint and security schematics of the building
Highly secure tower – maintenance bay far side – ventilation grates on back of the building leading down to sub level 1 – A. – Elevated terrace 4 stories up – One guy there – office is in the main center with other offices surrounding. Security detail
Elevators go to sub-basement 1-A
Meetings with Kato on Calendar – Madrin checking for correlating dates. Notices random shipments come in and no set time, but when they do come in, Kato arrives. Shipments with Kato being there starts about 2 years ago. last time Kato was at Zelcomm was 1 week ago.
Zelcomm is just a shipping company from what we can tell from the news feeds. CEO Coruum Sa’Dia—Ishi Tib Male See Image below.

Party doesn’t see a reason to go into the building yet. Will lay low until tomorrow to capture Kato.

Party has Frisky look for information about our ship, the Cluster, has been involved in a few shipments in another part or the galaxy.

We’re walking down the street, minding our own god-damn business, when tink-tink-tink! Grenade! 10 points of damage. Owie! Some dude says, “I’ve found you at last!”

Kaa’to Leachos mother fucker is there

Party shoots back, he flees, Duur Chases. Hep and Madrin hijack a car and catch up to Duur. Duur gets in! Party follows Kaa’to to Nova Core Factory.

Party glides on to landing pad. There are two entrances – Hep stays at the car as a look out. Madrin and Duur go left first.

(snip) 8< piece of shit computer break >8 (snip)

Mustafarian Below

Security Droids stop us and Madrin shows credentials and hero papers. The security droids let us by and helping us search. Duur continues on, Hep catches up to Madrin

We make our way into an area where the atmosphere itself is trying to kill us. That’s why they’re using droids to work the factory.

Madrin took Hep’s advice (for whatever reason) and tried to jump onto one of the conveyors to get some speed. Made it!

Madrin and team go into very dark room. Madrin draws lightsaber for light. Hep beside Madrin fro light. Duur activaes scanner goggles.

Walkway blasted 20 ft. – Madrin and Duur outside of blast. Hep gets hit

Have to go other way. We find 2 Black sun killed.

Find a locked door. Madrin cuts through with lightsaber.

Madrin channels Darkside to flip lever on control panel to start conveyor belt.

Team jumps on conveyor belt. Madrin grabs Duur when Duur almost falls off belt. Hep rode conveyor belts in piloting school in his baggage training module.

3 blaster rifles
Mini thermal detonator (Duur Promptly grabs)
4 stun grenades
2 frag grenades

We find a ship with Spice goods and a some sort of

On the ship we find a small portion of spice we might be able sell for 10k

Dude starts monologuing, and we start blasting him without listening. He tries to get away again. We still try to blast him. A lot. Hep turns the lights on. Duur turns on a conveyor that runs into his jet pack. Madrin gives chase.


Loot –
Heavy blaster pistol
Custom laminate armor
Destroyed faulty jetpack
2 Mini-thermal detonator – Madrin and Nadya
z-95 head hunter ship!!!!!

Party decides to go to Corsin Finn with the head of Kaa’to.
Madrin and Duur go to Corsin – Madrin is aggressive and angry. Duur keeps it cool. They negotiate with Corsin 1,000 credits for taking out Kaa’to and 6,000 credits for the location of his shipment.
7,000 Credits Total. 1,000 each 2,000 to party fund

Duur sends the correct coordinates to Corsin once they are out of the establishment.

As they leave, Duur tosses a squishy bag to one of the security guards out front of . The Spider. The guard peeks in the bag and is shocked in horror at the grotesque head and face of Kaa’to Liachos.

Party returns to the ship to have Choppa broker a deal for the Z-95 Headhunter Ship. Bounty on our heads goes away.

Choppa brokers a deal for 55,000 – 5,000 in party fund – 10,000 each

The Hyperspace Planet

9/19/14 – 10 XP
Party supplies up and pre-checks for flight and travel.
Nadya window shops for a jet pack.
Plug in coordinates party leaves Hutt planet. Being followed by a shitty ship and falls way behind.
Party gets to the coordinates – there’s nothing here. No planet. Party double checks coordinates. Should be exactly where we should go. No gravity readings. not asteroids, Party tries to figure out what’s up and sonar pings.
Planet arrives out of hyperspace – freaks out the party.
Planet does not look like the previous planets that imploded. there is a balance between land and water.
Party runs diagnostics on the planet. Party sees spot on the planet – space port.
Space port has some sort of energy bean tying itself to the planet.
Good thing Nadya bought a jet pack.
Party lands on the space port landing pad.
There is a globed city in the middle of four landing pads. N,S,E,W.
Party goes west.
Party armors up and wears all supplies. We take Frisky.
Everyone steps of the ship.
two protocol droids roll out of floating orbs.
Nadya walks towards the droids. the droids dipped down to a yoga pose and show their barrels.
Nadya tries to speak with them
Figures in robes are in the peripherals.
Madrin pulls out light saber – gets shot by blasters goes unconscious
Duur attacks droids
Walkway gets blown up mid way. droids fall to the planet. robed figures disappear.
Nadya opens the doors. Blob
Nadya goes to the blob – mask face of the emperor.
Party ferries across the walkway.
Party’s down to 7 stimpaks
Party walks to city. Madrin does not see a thing.
Turrets rise from the top of the building
Madrin: “Run!!!”
Party runs to under the turrets. They shut down.
Madrin: “‘We have a planet to ourselves!’ she says.” He jams a stimpack in his leg.
Party sticks close to the wall to stay out of turrets line of fire.
Party gets to center – sees square room with a sunken in dancefloor surrounded by pillows.
Nadya rises with the jet pack and fires at the turret. it explodes.
Madrin: “let’s scan for the crystal”
Party scans and finds a signature below our feet

10/11/14 – 15 XP
Nadya attacks the turrett – misses
Siala reports Mine Oxs are attacking the ship.
Nadya comes to aid
Another ship lands – ship from other planet after Trakinor Cass
Big hole in the ground – barrier has dropped – calnocks are coming.
Siala gets on the ship gun
Calnocks swarm the party. Duur lays surpressing fire; Nadya shuttles Madrin across the bridge; comes back for Duur; Durr is surrounded by calnocks – init
Party flies to the bottom of the floating city
Madrin lands on tops of trees – Mine oxs
Party exits swamp environment- Duur does minock clean up – sweeps the leg
Madrin and Nadya got to get the crystal 100 yrds ground becomes solid. three hatches. They open hatch with the strongest signature
They find the crystal. – cube shaped – 8 feet across – each point is a different color.
Other ship has taken off and is hovering over the city – over th hole of the calnocks exit
Madrin connects tow cable Nadya engineers how it will happen.
Other ship descends through the calnock hole – platform spits out with 3 baddies.
Alarms on the ship go off – Duur goes into the ship – sees alerts
Madrin runs to the ship; Duur aims ship guns at the new ship, nadya aims to blow up the platform baddies
Madrin takes off – pulling the crystal
Entire city platform falters- city crumbles down. Large ship is revealed
Nadya runs to catch up with the ship.
Party Takes off into space
Tries to meet up with Trakinor. Party cannot find him – party leaves message in Trakinor’s signal. With location to find us.

Crystal Clear

9/5/2014 -— 10 XP -——-
Heading back to the hutt planet – still in shitty ship – docks on bay 19 the same place from previous departure.
- Duur says to get the guy who sent us out.
- Doors open, remnants of blasted ship – scraps
- Storm troopers and imperial guards walking around.
- Madrin and Nadya looks at scraps and ships for a new look.
- Madrin looks for a bounty posting board – specifically a bounty with a ship.
- HEP has a bounty as well.
- Teemo is looking for him. * This excites Ron and he splooges his Coca Cola over the table.
- Waric Talana – smuggler last seen on this planet. Wanted by both the empire and huts. Human. Actual image has been kept out of the watchful eye. Outfit is silver and black pinstripes. Ship is a Freighters – lots of Freighters.
- Duur and Nadya come up with a plan to contact Trakinor – Tell him the rest of the party is dead. Need refuge and willing to be a grunt. Still get the crystal.
- Nadya helps Madrin narrow down the freighters – Corellian with saucer shape haul. Docking pad 141. Nadya finds video of Waric palling around with imperial people. Party questions how if he wanted by The Empire, why is he kicking it with imperials? He is wanted by Poojah The Hut.
- Party senses a set up.
As the platforms are connected by walkways, Nadya programs a data pad to retract the walkways and put a tracking device on the ship.
- Duur is covering Madrin, Siala is on the the lookout.
- Madrin sneaks to the ship – Not very well. Mechanical eye comes out of the door “Who the hell are you?” “Ice cream! Who wants ice cream?” the door sticks a gun out at him. Madrin runs.
- Frisky tries and fails.
- A little bit later, a man in black and silver pin stripes comes approaches the ship. Madrin talks to him head on. After a bit of chatter, Madrin gets onboard to check out the ship. Pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit. Cargo manager with indistinguishable face. Madrin looks for his opportunity to place the walkway retract device.
- He places it.
- Plan is to leave at sunup.
Madrin returns to party. Party will go to ship at midnight, take the crew by surprise and steal the ship.
- Nadya leaves to the store. Duur watches the ship. Madrin follows Black and Silver (Waric) to a whoring and gambling establishment. Pink room – pepto bismol exploded
- Madrin sees Waric chatting with the barkeep. Finds a table in the with a view of the whole room.
- Imperial guards pass by Duur.
- Madrin sees Waric leaves with another guy. They walk for a bit and then go their separate ways. Madrin follows the other guy. It’s Trakinor Cass, but he doesn’t know that.
- Party reconvenes – Duur reminds them of the Nautolan troops coming in a few hours and recommends the party lays low.
- Madrin is itching for a fight.
- Nadya and Frisky approach the doors. Madrin and Siala hide behind some boxes and crates nearby. Duur stays in the vantage point.
- Frisky activates the door. Nadya hacks in. Nadya activated the stealth setting – door opens quietly. Party sneaks in.
- Madrin goes through and kills some people
- Frisky sensors pick up life sources in the cargo bay. Madrin knows this to be incorrect. Party goes to where they think the crew is. Party tries to open the door. No luck. Other group added a new lock to the door. Madrin pulls out his light saber.
Waric jumps ship with a short range escape pod. Duur takes a shot with a—-
Duur rolls fail x 3, despair, and triumph

9/12/14 – 15 xp
-Flurry of activity on the docks as imperials swarm the docks.
-Madrin fails at preflight check. Nadya takes over.
-Madrin opens doors to pick up Duur from nearby building top.
-Duur jumps from the top of the building and misses the ship. During the dive, Madrin Force Moves Duur to bring him in.
-Tripod Blasters take shots at the ship but they don’t do damage.
- “I’ve got to stop jumping off of buildings.” “Hey Nadya, did you know Duur can fly?”
- Land at Junkyard. Has a small building two landing pads. One of the landing pads has a medium transport ship on it.
-”You are a freaking klepto” Duur shouts when Madrin starts eyeballing the medium transport ship.
- Duur finds a place in the back.
-Madrin sneaks over to Medium Transport ship.
-Nadya moves ship to Duurs spot but ship lands at a slant.
-Madrin tells Adney the ship yarder need to compare parts. Throw junk on it.
-The Dead legs start covering the ship.
-”uhhhh I think I just waved at an imperial patrol.”
- Frantically getting shit off the ship. Junk on the holding onto ship. Madrin frees ship with lightsaber.
- Head towards great unknown. Duur tries to contact the Nautolans and able to reach them. It sounds like they are further away than expected. The Nautolans already had arrived and said they had nothing they do.
-Duur wants to kill politician.

- Trakinor wants a status update on crystal. On planet attempting to situated before run. Ok dock 70. More conspicuous. dock 70. Don’t bring the crystal.
-Madrin and Duur head to back of ship to check out cargo hold that Frisky detected life forms in. Find boxes of junk.
-Bottle of above top shelf liquor. 12 grenades distributed. Have about an hour.
- “This is a matter of trying to get off faster.”
-” Why did you give your word to get a crystal? Because at the time your lives were in danger?”
- Set up secondary rally point. Frisky, Madrin, Siala with the ship. Duur and Nadya meeting with Trackenor. Madrin drops off Duur and Nadya at dock 70. Madrin roundabout way to secondary rally point.
-Trackenor walks out on dock covered and with a shiner. There is a shed. Duur and Nadya ushered into low light shed. Crystal on ship. The crystal is a power source from Mimbam. Trackenor wants us to take the crystal back to Mimbam which is inside the Ring. “How about this Trakinor..You show me yours, I will show you mine.”
Duur asks Trakinor about the Ring. It is a ring of planets. Building a hyperspace trade route. One of those planets Mimbam mining power crystal. Legendary Kaiburr crystal. Force crystals amplify force. two problems 1 stealing high powered ships using to amplify hyperspace. 2.
Dealing with the Hutts.
Duur tells all. Ship implodes. Image of the emperor appears.
-’I have a feeling he is going to be dead in day.”
-Duur and Nadya have a chat while making their way to secondary rally point.
-Duur and Nadya Tranquilize others.
- Frisky Video tapes.
- Data pad picks up signature in the cargo bay where traq crew is. Nadya refines program so that it is directional. Frisky is the power source. Oh sure. Grab a weird battery.
-Nadya puts power source in Lead battery.
- Nadya medical diagnostics on Siala and Madrin.
- Madrin tested repeatedly by Duur for New interest in planet.
- Madrin pops the cork on the alcohol.
- Small ship pops up on radar landing on dock 70.
- People on dock get back on ship.
-Madrin flies ship to unknown area.
- Nadya sets up energy field but the field won’t stabilize around.
-Send diagnostic to Blazing Chains.
- Nadya works on mechanical stuff.
-Madrin gets some sleep.
-We go see numbnuts.
-Go meet.
-Get diagnostic back. There is an extra-agent in bloodstream that counteracts poison.
-No enlarged genitalia but could get a blowjob from a snake.
-The biggest question is are you in. We have one more shot to get the crystal. To have multiple crystals.
-We are on board.Nadya tells Trak where to find the bus. Trak wants to meet on another planet Rodia.

"The Circle"

8/8/14 – HEP disappears. Now the new GM…? 15XP
- Nadya and Duur make their way back to the ship – avoiding patrols.
- They return to the docking bay – ship is gone.
- Nadya tracks ship and it is leaving the system.
- Nadya and Duur are confounded.
Where is the ship going?
Where is the rest of the crew?
- Nadya plugs into the network feed – nothing about the capture of the rest of the team.
- She picks up a repeating pulse and digs into it: “We can help each other. Meet at the ship.”
- Nadya checks for famous ships on the planet – nothing picking up.
- Siala wakes up naked in a glass of goo with tubes linking in and out. She sees Madrin naked in a glass like hers with tubes coming out of him. She sees a control panel in the middle of the room with 6 dead bodies – dressed in medical outfits.
- Siala doesn’t see Shy. There are several buttons – can shut off life support; drain the tube; lift her up.
- Duur and Nadya decide to look around the docking bay.
- Nadya covers Duur as he checks the bay. As he’s looking around – the message is triggered again. Nadya directs Duur back to the triggered area.
- Duur notices he is being watched by a figure.
- Duur finds a data pad and a black box. Duur heads in a north direction and is followed by a male dark figure.
- Nadya moves to flank the figure.
- Siala hits the buttons to get out of the tube. One cuts off her air supply – she reactivates it.
- She hits the other buttons and is ejected from the tube. She removes a tracheal tube – Her character just won the blow job contest.
- Siala wakes up Jeran and Madrin- they dress and pick up gear – no weapons.
- Man investigating a new organization that’s trying to form. Not empire – not rebel and no associations on this planet. He needs grunts to get their hands dirty. Trakinor Cass is his name. If we agree to help, he’ll supply us with a ship. Scout and retrieve a crystal.
- Organization – The Ring – A ring of planets with occasional dealings with the Huts.
- Siala and Madrin make their way to escape. They find a room with their gear and try the coms. They can hear each other but Nadya and Duur do not respond. Madrin and Siala see a symbol on the wall – smashed circle tube.
- They continue on and find a lifted platform that brings them to a top level. They try the coms again – Nadya and Duur do not respond. There isn’t anyone in the top level room.
- They decide to check the rooms for anything useful. Find zilch. Decide to go back down to the control panel.
- Nadya and Duur agree to help Trakinor. Imperial forces took the crew off the ship. Scout mission: Check out a facility to make a fake power crystal that’s burned out and replace another crystal with it.
- Will put the location in the nav systems for our mission. Ship is at dock 19. Ship that has been through several battles and may have missing parts. Nadya inspects the ship. Missing pieces, but nothing to prevent flying. Can maneuver like a bus in water. Nadya and Duur board the ship – press the button – nav pops up to new planet location
- Madrin and Siala chop off a foot and tie it to the medical coats and make a rope. They try hacking the control panel. They find out the entire facility has a poisonous atmosphere.
- M&S launch their foot rope up and it catches on the next floor. The grid opens and they see a ship fly over head. They climb up and find a control panel. Air starts rushing out – pulling out all of the oxygen. Close the doors and find an alternate mode of transportation – speeder bikes with breather masks.
- Nadya and Duur will take a day to get to the facility. – 8 hours into the flight receive message: You can deviate from current path and go here to find friends. They go off course. Find a small planet with a bunch of small planets. One station looks destroyed and the other is intact.
-Coms come back online. Feedback and static. Party is in connection again.
- Party meets up at intact facility and Nadya fill in the rest of the party on the way to the fake power crystal facility. Coms go back out. Jammer blocks the communications
- Nadya and Madrin go back down to get parts for Frisky.
- One of the control panels is a front. It opens up and there is a button behind the front.
- Nadya is about to hit the button when Madrin starts dicking around with the speeder bikes – there is an option of having 8.
- Nadya tries to decipher the signal and find the source of the jam. The control panel explodes. The ATM recounters the spark – Nadya sees their power sources and diverts the power. Some of the power diverts to the ship. Frisky sparks up.
- Nadya determines there are more wings – one tactical and one medical.
- Everyone is back on the ship – its running just a bit better with the juice.

  • Group Name = Dead Legs – our signature move.
    - Planet comes slowly into view – looks similar. A canyoned planet with two working facilities.
    - Message: Scouting mission to see what the crystal looks like. Second mission is to replace it.
    - Find a plains place with speeder bike. Party approaches the station- encrypted communication: Landing credentials
    - Party gives information and claims in need of repair. Party is allowed to land. Air has poisonous element.
    - Canyons on the planet are the same. Coms are jammed.
    - Party looks to get help to repair ship in the command sector.
    - Madrin goes outside to get the breathing mask from the speeder bike.
    - Party continues on. goes down the medical corridor and there are people. They are wearing masks.
    - Party is not acknowledged – continue on to the command level – rough diamond shaped room. – Half wall that blocks access. Group of people working just stare at the party. Lights in the back turn off and a wall raises.
    - Madrin raises bounty hunter certificate. People respond to this. Madrin asks for help to fix the ship. He tries to convince them he is there for a bounty. The 1st group return to their seats. 2nd group moves. The elevator moves down.
    - Duur tells them about the other planet and dead people. They murmur and get out their blasters.
    - Initiative -———-
    - Hologram appears – emperor “You will all know the power of the ring. They meant nothing to me. You mean nothing to me.” room starts to short circuit. Party picks up bad guy and run out the door. Party gets thrown against the walls. Party opens door – elevator shaft – Nadya jumps down – Duur and Siala follow. see a room down below and it is completely empty.
    - Party gets back on the elevator rises up – it’s quite wobbly – Duur and Siala fall over the side. Nadya catches them. Madrin tries to pull them to safety. A ladder drops right in the middle of the group. Party gets on ladder and Frisky welcomes them aboard.
    - Party flies back to the Hut planet
Oracle Cyles

(5/30/2014 – notes tonight brought to you by Hep and Duur Sa’ak)
Party arrives as Christophsis – Docking Bay 2, looking to resupply
Going to do the buying part on your own and email the GM.
Hep and Duur are pulled into the hype of “The Oracle Cyles’” performance.
Infochant and magician.
Show is impressive and mind bending
Has website and call line for information
Hep and Duur go and see him the next day for information.
Name? Duur Sa’ak. Type of information? Person of interest. 200 credits for missing persons; can be as much as 2,000 credits; the higher the risk the higher the cost.
We wait about 30 minutes and we’re called back. He’s got a crystal ball, etc. Duur Sa’ak asks about Malik Curak, a politician. Price: 600 credits to give you his location at this moment in time. Duur requests updates once a month for 4 months.
Hep has the location of a group of individuals he served as a pilot for; singled out a human cutter for 400 credits total. The Oracle tells him Leap Jerison is his name. He is on Duro right now. Tearon’s Crew, working for Tearon.
Nadya goes to investigate for the Byss imperial prison – 2,300 credits later (WOW) party has the location of the stealth technology, access codes, troop strength. 250 troop strength (highly trained in uniform); two factor identification – need a physical key card. Stealth tech in Z wing (Room location)- west part of underground facility. Hangar attached to Z Wing
Meetup location for the 50k credits/encrypted message is on Radnor. (sea covered planet – limited land mass – City is Takto (one of the twin cities). City affected by bioplague during the Clone Wars.
Normal Astrogation check to find the route; Byss run piloting check difficulty is 4. Failure might result in death. Each square is 3 days travel, so getting there will take us 21 days from here.
Nadya tries to pry apart stormtrooper armor and finds a secret compartment with security ID card.
Radnor Trap
Contact on Radnor – passcode in encryption leading party to underground
Once inside, everyone here is Nautolan, wearing black with the black sun.
“The Green Man sends his regards.” The green man is one of 6-7 higher-ups. A very smart higher-up, like a Mof. Known for his cunning. “I assume you decrypted the message?” (The one that said you’re going to go to war with the Black Sun if you continue expanding. Planet Siskeen) Wants us to plant some devices that will help them take them out. “Tactical nuke.”
If successful, the Green Man will invite you into the Black Sun in addition to the 50,000 credits.
We would need to place the trackers in three different locations. The trackers are tiny – just a chip – easy to disguise. One for power generation, one for Teemo’s place, and one for security off-site.
1 year timeline – 25,000 credits.
At this point the party decides they want the STEALTH TECHNOLOGY.
Couldn’t find the asteroid to visit the bungholes that run the junkyard. Then we did. Elcro welcomed us back “so soon.” (Negotiating with this particular bunghole is normal now since we dealt with him before.)
Rather than negotiate with him now, we just straight out bought the shit. We need to assemble it – a few weeks of WORK. (Yuck.)
We’re going to sit in place and work on the stealth core.
Difficulty 4. Not a 5 because we have schematics.
Something is missing. Power source. Power crystal from Tython (same stuff as Jedi light sabers)
2% chance that the random power source I grabbed would work. Rolled a 4%. Pith. Old prototype that just didn’t work.
(6/20/14) 10xp
Party flies into Denon Sees Republic vessel getting attacked by Imperial ty-fighters.
Receives call to land and is cleared – Party decides to help out Republic vessel. All ships are faster than Cluster.
Initiative –
Jebidiah Thane – Pilot of the republic ship.
Party pulls into docking station 7
Tracking Politician – close to Station 7
Imperial customs – notice Imperial passports are close to expiration.
Siala and Duur go to scout the location of the politician (Beacon disappears for about 2 hours during the weekdays 2pm-4pm) . Signal jammer at location during this time.
Siala is slipped an address close to the politician. Call Malia – international call.
Cantina near both locations – Bar (Imperial Palace) frequented by imperial senators. Some senators are recognized. Password is being exchanged – don’t know what it is yet.
Yameva Industries and Yugrenla Corp is where the call is going to.
Siala (Alana Segalla) and Duur go to the City Overlook Restaurant – call the number – block number. Call is going interestingly as Siala mentions being “a little moist” Will meet with us tomorrow at 6:30pm.
A lot of people going in and out – know he’s on the move.
Siala and Duur head back to the ship.

(6/27/14 – notes by Duur Sa’ak)15 xp
Nadya commissions Frisky to make valid passports – ends up creating super awesome supreme passports and identities of heroes equipped with awards of the highest rank and stature. (Woo Hoo! Alliance health care here we come!!)
Siala, Duur and Hep go to Imperial Palace – Huge line – Hep cuts in line and flashes passport for guards to see the special decals.
Mellow martini bar. Not a lot of people inside – busy but not crowded. Music: Girl from Tatooine. Party does not blend in very well – high class dressed people.
Siala gets Naboo wine with the infusion of greck (no hangover but you still feel all the effects of alcohol)
Duur pays for beer – ends up going in the tip jar.
Man in suit comes up to party- VIP Wrangler – speaks calmly. Keeps up with Hep. Notices we haven’t been around these parts. Hep quickly says it’s Siala’s birthdyay.
Party grabs a table. VIP Wrangler gives a button to the party if we need anything.
Jeran is brought into a weapons locker with anything he wants. Favor owed
Siala gets a steak and red velvet space pussy birthday cake and a stripper. She gets mushroom stamped in the face.
Hep desires a faster engine – 9 parsecs. Maps of the galaxy – favor owed
Duur gets flesh camouflage set – predator and chameleon esque – modifies genetic code as well.

Song break (to the tune of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”):
You walk into the party
All of a sudden you own a yacht
And a stick that blocks light sabres
But does not deflect a cock
Your pilot got a new engine
Kessel run in 9
Why do I feel the GM’s gonna fuck me
Really gonna fuck me
This campaign
Is prob’ly gonna kill my character
This campaign!

Hep finds a dick-free zone. While he’s there, Moff Furon comes up, thinking he knows him, and discusses Hep’s service under Moff Serverus. They get into a conversation through which Hep learns about warfare, space battles (including some he was supposedly in as the “hero”) and imperial knowledge/strategy. Hep gets card and contact information for Furon.
While they’re away, a crew shows up with a tri-turbo XT71925 engine to install.
Nadya notices a tracking beacon on the engine.
Party returns to the ship.
Party goes to sleep – someone tried to hack into the ship and there was a tracking beacon connected.
Hep and Duur follow Malik throughout the day- picking up his dry cleaning, going to work, getting coffee. Schematics for corps close to Imperial Palace continue deep into the ground. Small force of security guys at his home and bodyguards.
Nadya hacks into security feeds around Malik’s home. Imperial police have been called – signature has been imprinted from data pad.
Nadya fries her datapad but knows they got information.
Duur calls Commander at homeworld notifies him of locating Malik on Denon – sends him coordinates of home and corporation. Troops will be there in 2 days.
Imperial police show up at the docking station with blow torches and docking clamps threatening to seal…. “Please don’t scratch my ship.” Jeran blasts the Imperial guard with the blow torch.
Siala blasts the docking clamps.
They make a hole into the hull of the ship.
Jeran, Madrin and Siala are knocked unconscious.


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