Nadya Tamair "Janice Crucibal"

Half Zeltron, Half Vahla Mechanic with many Aspirations.


Tending to be covered with a multitude of pouches, bags and pockets, each holding her many different tools and equipment, her preferred style of clothing is usually multi-colored and tight-fitting. Purple scars and tattoos adorn her body giving note to her Zeltron heritage. While, her Ashen white hair is a distinction of her Vahla heritage.


The Galapago: A deep space mining ship and facility is attacked by an outlaw group working the area. The outlaws, normally not as bold, have become aware of some illegal cargo going in and out of the mining facility on the asteroid and have been making reoccurring attacks in an attempt to acquire the goods. The equipment is actually a pickup for an assassin group getting ready to make an attempt on a nearby diplomat who has been threatening to enforce laws that will reduce the shipping lanes in the area, making it harder for independent groups to get through without proper codes. The Outlaws find that the entire ordeal is a ruse to lure them there as large explosions rock the entire compound, killing hundreds including the most of the outlaws causing problems. The few left find out that they were being set up for the attempt on the diplomat’s life, and the destruction of the station. In an attempt to return hostilities towards the group of assassins, they inadvertently make the station a battlefield with innocents in the middle.

Adriav Tamair and his pregnant wife Dani were unsuspecting victims of the incident as when the explosions occurred. An unstable wall that had been set on fire fell on top of Dani killing her almost instantly. Adriav attempted to search for his wife before making his way to an escape ship. Moving through burning corridors and rooms, he eventually found her and was astounded at the sight of his beautiful newborn daughter lying next to his wife’s body alive and unhurt. Adriav scooped his daughter in his hands and began leaving the station. In an attempt to get to one of the ships, Adriav was gunned down by an unsuspecting outlaw thinking he was one of the assassins. Being one of the few remaining outlaws found Nadya and realizing both of her parents were dead and she had been the killer. She decided to take her and raise her as her own. The outlaw’s name was Aska and for her it was a moment in her life where she could feel human again after a life among aliens and the stars.

Raising Nadya was tough out in the middle of the galaxy in the midst of her outlaw friends, but Nadya became the God Daughter of the entire crew and Aska managed to find the best for her in troublesome times. It was at an early time in Nadya’s life, she begins showing signs of increased awareness and physical prowess. Afraid that Nadya might draw too much attention from the Empire, Aska begins searching for ways to hide her daughter’s “affliction” while keeping her from the truth, putting it off towards incredible luck. Years go by jumping from job to job, staying off the grid of the Empire.

A few years go by and still not any closer to answers, she and Nadya by happenstance find a ship derelict in space. With her and Nadya’s help the passengers are given help to treat their wounds and fix their ship. The passengers had been fighting for three days straight and were a part of the Mandalore tradition and had been attacked by a rival faction. They were in no position to travel on their own, and with what she could gleam from them, each was able to return to their home on Mandalore, but not without more battles on the way. After the time needed to heal, Nadya was approached for her bravery and given the chance to become a part of their tradition, but on one condition, she would have to create her armor, complete a trial, and follow the Resol’nare. It was then that Nadya left her mother in order to begin her quest to become a Mandalorian.

Nadya Tamair "Janice Crucibal"

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