Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

When Family Comes Knocking

3/27/2015 15 XP (total 343)
We all rolled dark side points this time (4). No light.
The double-ended light saber gets cut in half. Neither side is working.
Nadya drags Boonrock’s body out to the revolution. The town begins building a statue to her, but are having trouble finding her good side. In the meantime she prepares an impromptu speech.
Madrin loots the ship
Ooris makes his way to the Symerthian Palace to find crucified nobles and Symethians.
“People of Symerthia let me have your attention I stand here” Gun shots from Nadya. Nadya Louder helmet projecting more—-but helmet does not work. “Give me your attention.” 5% stopped their shenanigans.
“Look there’s Boonrock”
“Check out that armor”
“Here is what happens to your oppressors when they don’t follow what the people of Symerthia wish to do with their live and when they make it difficult. You have risen up this day. To take back what is yours. your Lives and I give you here your first step in keeping it.” Nadya lets Body Drop. 89% of the crowd pays attention. “ I implore all of you to stop the hurt because there is has been enough of it this day.” Slug” Does that mean you are going to employ all of us?”

The fighting is not done yet. Burn the congressional palace. Give us jobs.
Nadya “Why would you continue to destroy it?”

“We don’t trust anyone.”

Crowd calming.

Hush comes across everything. The spice hangs in the air. Time is suspending. Serenne moment. The congressional palace doors open. Tall blue creature steps out. In front of her is the shy senator from the saloon. And she bows. The nobles bow. Nadya stutters.
She does not speak and she walks through the crowd without speaking. Everyone bows to her. There is a feeling that there is nothing left to fear. “This is how it can be if I have your allegiance.” Then everyone can move freely again. “This is how it can be if you choose me as your leader.”

She’s tall and blue.

Nadya contemplating this tall blue Twilek or is it Nautolan?
Ooris Slugging it into the palace
Crowd says “Yes we choose”
Crown continues to torture the Symerthians.
Nadya heads back to the ship.
Ooris finds empty palace.
Hep tries to get everyone on the ship to leave.
Nadya welds. Tried to get one thing each time.
Two ships “ What do you think you are doing? Do you have Boonrock with you?”

“We think he is on the planet.”
How clean is your button?
Black Sun shows up. Hep says can we triangulate.
I just checked his ship.
Hep and Madrin check the palace with speeder.
Rest of Black Sun checking.

Choppa gets out, goes into Boonrock’s ship, and sees that everything is stripped out of his ship. There’s a hole in the side of his ship that’s been badly welded.
He calls more folks in to investigate.

Ooris is in one of the rooms that Nadya searches.
“Ello Sweetie” Ooris says to Nadya
Laughing “Your not going to find anything in this palace”
Nadya “Who are you?”
Ooris remembers Nadya from the dance. Ooris realizes Nadya is part of the people who cleared the trade route.
“Boonrock Boonu way to go man”
“Give us your loc”
Nadya sends location
Madrin and Hep head towards Nadya.
“Can I keep a secret. I am full of secrets.”
“Don’t let anyone else hear that you say that.”

Hep drives the speeder in. Madrin has his weapon out. He sees the hutt. Nadya signals a halt, and Madrin doesn’t fire.
Oorin calls him a Twilek.
He fires, but the shot goes wide.
“Oops. I hope the next one doesn’t—”
“Relax,” said Nadya. “My new compatriot and I were just coming to an understanding.”
“Were you addressing me, Twilek?” said Ooris.
This time Madrin aims and fires. And he hits.
“Why would you shoot at an unarmed man?” says Ooris. “Hand me my medpack.”
Hep dismounts and walks in. Nadya says, “We have an accord.” She walks to the hutt.
“Please hand me my stims! Sweetie! My stims!”
“Get them yourself, you pansie.”
“Hep! I think Nadya’s under mind control!”
To the statement about an accord, he says, “Funny! She called me a twi’lek twice!”
“If you stand down, I will discuss it with you.”
Ooris applies a stimpack.
Hep and Madrin head to the speeder bike again. Hep is insistent that we need to get out of here.
“I’m listening,” says Madrin as he moves toward the speeder.
“I ran into him when I came into this room. He recognized me for who I was – the one who killed Boonrock. In an attempt to keep that knowledge from getting out, I offered him a ride.”
“What? You offered a hutt a ride? Did he stick his tail out and hitch a ride?”
“A ride is nothing. After that our deal is done. As far as I’m concerned,” and Nadya lowers her voice. “You can shoot the hell out of him afterward.”
“Let me check the bounty board and see if he is worth anything.”
“Alright, Nadya. He’s your cargo. You figure out how to watch him. By the way, let’s disarm him.”
Nadya and the hutt leave on foot. Hep and Madrin leave on the speeder bike.
“I don’t really like this plan,” says Madrin over comms.
“I don’t either, but we’ve got to get out of here somehow.”
“If that hutt lets that go…”
“Oh, you go right ahead.”
We get to the exit nearest the docking bay. Nadya calls out to Choppa that the palace has been stripped. No response.
Nothing is moving. Nothing is threatening.
We move out and get into the ship.
We do pre-flight checks. Nadya is looking for anything that might cause damage to the ship.
We’re all uneasy about it, but we’re on the ship.
As we’re about to take off into space, a huge ship comes down and we’re flanked by four X-Wings that have been hijacked.
Ooris recognizes the ships. (It’s her uncle, Teemo the hutt.)
Hep pilots the ship sideways and runs into the ancient temple. Then he tries to plot a course for hyperspace. It fails miserably.
Nadya finds a self-destruct engaged and connected to the thrusters. She says, “We have 60 seconds to plot a course before we go boom.”
Hep says, “I’m landing the ship. Everybody off!” Nadya and Madrin in the engine room didn’t hear him.
He spins the ship so that the hatch is near the rubble such that when everyone gets off the ship, they’ll be near cover.
Nadya attempts to disarm the bomb mechanically. She’s sweating bullets. She gets the sense that Hep’s ditched her and Madrin’s probably not far behind. She touches one wire, then another, then finally grabs a completely different wire and yanks it out. No boom!
The bomb shuts down. For a second she doesn’t realize it’s disarmed. She watches it for a second. Nothing. The timer reads 30 seconds.
Then Nadya breathes.
“fR5K3, go to the cockpit and help Hep set coordinates out of here.”
Madrin makes for the nearest exit. He passes Ooris and says, “Better get off the ship, slug. There’s a fucking bomb!”
Ooris is skeptical.
Hep takes cover in the congressional palace.
Nadya loads the bomb into a launcher.
Madrin catches up to Hep.
“I’m a medic. I don’t know how to work these guns!” says Ooris.
“This allows you to aim. This button fires it,” instructs Nadya.
Ooris does it immediately. It hits one of Teemo’s buddy’s ship and bounces off.
Hep runs toward the other side of the congressional palace.
Madrin runs toward the mob, intending to get lost in them.
(Jess rolls a bunch of dice.)
Teemo fires at the ship and misses.
Baddie #1 shoots and hits the ship.
Nadya sends, “Stop your firing. We’re coming out.” She heads toward the cockpit.
Negotiation roll (3 purple 1 black):
Baddie #2 shoots and misses.
Teemo says, “Come on out. Let me see you.”
Nadya walks out, fully armored, no weapons in hand.
Ooris stays on the ship.
“Oh, you will be a prize,” says Teemo.
Nadya tells us, “I disabled the bomb. I have Teemo’s attention at the moment. I’m off the ship. Slug boy is still on the ship. If you guys can get back on without them knowing and set up those coordinates, we can still take off. But I don’t have a lot of time. I can only stall them for so long.”
A claw lowers down and reaches toward Nadya. It grabs at Nadya, who steps away from it.
“I gave up, and you can’t just come down here and take me like a normal prisoner.”
“You think I’m getting off this ship?”
“I didn’t say you. Send guys. Don’t try to shoot me with your frickin’ claw.”
The claw grapples at her again, this time successfully from behind. She’s caught spread-eagle and is raised up toward his ship. She activates her rocket pack, and tries to fly up to the top of the ship. She reaches it, then tries to line up a shot on the cable, but is not able to see it. She takes a shot at the claw that wraps around her body.

For the record, as a quick aside, Nadya’s alternate ID is Janice Crucible.

There’s a little bit of flare in her face but not much. The claw at her chest loosens up. She strains against it and gets one arm free. Then she gets pulled into the ship.

Dun dun DUN!

4/24/15 – 15 XP (total 358)
Hep looks for ships.
Madrin thinks being followed so sneaks through crowd.
Over communications party hears Nadya in a skirmish.
Nadya gets groped by Ugnaughts while on steely claw
Frisky gets orders to execute X7YB (ship sanitization)
Madrin and Hep head towards public dock.
Hep and Madrin grab speeders from public dock. Madrin and Hep recon Teemo ship and his wingmen.
Nadya shock gloves the magnet hoping to overload the batteries.
Ugnaughts shocked. Nadya shocks boot guy.
Teemo ship moving strangely. Hands Electrobinoculars.
Nadya is giving the Ugnaughts a run their money.
Teemo-Red and Yellow Exploding planet looking sigil
“The faster we follow them the more chance we have of keeping up”
Nadya goes invisible.
Shocks guys that steps on her.
Blast into hull.
Hep and Madrin follow Teemo with Party ship and space Station with Penis Bridge
Doornail permission to dock. Dock at bay 10.
We dock on the Penis.
Try to land at VIP bay but get turned back to Docking bay 10.
Cultural space station.
We buy disguises.
Madrin and Hep Sneak into Teemo meeting with Senator.
Madrin sneaks past mercenaries
Madrin finds Nadya in the middle of her own escape plan.
Nadya opens the cell of another despite Madrin’s protest.
A woman is on the wall with branches sprouting everywhere. She identifies herself as Leandra Talc. Madrin against protests by Nadya frees Leandra Talc and gives her the note from Gareth. Leandra reads the note becomes angry.
Madrin and Nadya calm her down and they sneak out through the vents.
While in the vents Hep becomes aware from comms that it is time to go and he walks out of the Hutt area unstopped.
When Madrin, Nadya, and Leandra try to do the same there is a minor scuffle but they make it into the elevator. Hep is preps the ship for a hasty getaway.
The Doornail Crew blasts away from the space station just in time before the security forces and Teemo could recover from the shock of the rescue.
15 XP



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