Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

Under a Black Sun

0/11/14 – 15 XP
Nadya attacks the turrett – misses
Siala reports Mine Oxs are attacking the ship.
Nadya comes to aid
Another ship lands – ship from other planet after Trakinor Cass
Big hole in the ground – barrier has dropped – calnocks are coming.
Siala gets on the ship gun
Calnocks swarm the party. Duur lays surpressing fire; Nadya shuttles Madrin across the bridge; comes back for Duur; Durr is surrounded by calnocks – init
Party flies to the bottom of the floating city
Madrin lands on tops of trees – Mine oxs
Party exits swamp environment- Duur does minock clean up – sweeps the leg
Madrin and Nadya got to get the crystal 100 yrds ground becomes solid. three hatches. They open hatch with the strongest signature
They find the crystal. – cube shaped – 8 feet across – each point is a different color.
Other ship has taken off and is hovering over the city – over th hole of the calnocks exit
Madrin connects tow cable Nadya engineers how it will happen.
Other ship descends through the calnock hole – platform spits out with 3 baddies.
Alarms on the ship go off – Duur goes into the ship – sees alerts
Madrin runs to the ship; Duur aims ship guns at the new ship, nadya aims to blow up the platform baddies
Madrin takes off – pulling the crystal
Entire city platform falters- city crumbles down. Large ship is revealed
Nadya runs to catch up with the ship.
Party Takes off into space
Tries to meet up with Trakinor. Party cannot find him – party leaves message in Trakinor’s signal. With location to find us.

11/7/2014 – Base party XP 240 after this session
-On Siskeen get a message saying we get a message saying we need to download information.
-Alarms start blaring after download the information is encrypted
-Hear agents scrambling.
-Speeder seems better option for escape. Droid gets blasted
-Perception Durr and Madrin see Black Sun Insignia on pursuers
-Initiative-Durr “The Green Man sends his regards!”
-Hep hops in the empty pilot seat
-Madrin blasts down a speeder 3 speeders still after us
-Siala pulls out the big one! Nicks bike and one of the speeders chasing slows down.
- Durr Gets a fearsome wound in his side side side side side (Dick) This slows his speeder down. 2 speeders slowed down. Yeah bitches!
-Hep pulls a sneaky piloting move and stashes us in a dark alley.
-Madrin “holds” his “action” (he was going to whip it out!)
-Message in Durr’s com…we know you have packed
-Quadrant L42
-Hep beats the computer with his fists! With 2 advantage! (What else is new)
-On the screen a map of the security forces. Hep hands it to Madrin, who looks for Quadrant L42.
-Madrin assists Hep with sneaky navigation to get to L42. It is an abandoned-looking Garage.
-Groups of Ugnauts (little pig guys) are working on shit here.


-Booming voice rings out from behind the junk pile. A large, green, mottled Besalisk named “Chopper” hugs Madrin. We think there is groping going on.

(We are not saying “Get to da choppah!”)


Due to Siala’s weird ass mood:

-Madrin checks his pockets. Everything’s there.
-Manufactured memories? We don’t know what the hell is going on.
-No mystical energy field controls Duur’s destiny.
-Sound proof type room
-There with the Green Man. We have been keeping tabs.
-Urba the Hutts men wearing must be wearing Black Sun Sigil’s
-We Earned our place with the Black Sun.Lets get to the interesting part our 25k.
-Hands us a chip with 30k credits Durr hands to Help

-Payment as promised!

-Got 30 Grand credits!

← /like


Oh, take away a black die. Cool. We’re cool.

Nikto is the species that was chasing us on the speeders (look at the ugly bastard below)

-Offered entrance into the Black Suns. We would still be able to operate autonomously, but they might have the occasional job for us. It’s the biggest pirate organization in the galaxy. No more blazing chains. SEVER ALL TIES! But whatever. They suck, amirite?
-So, we pissed off a lot of Hutts, and want some reach. So yeah, I guess we’re in.

-Yup, we’re in.
5000 credits in group fund
-Reason why you were being followed by Black Sun is they were trying to take over this guy’s job. Green Man and folks were putting trust in me. They took that as a sign of weakness of me.
-yeah, we fucked their shit up.
-”But they might have made a deal with Erba to get in there and with his help were able to get enough manpower and strength to overthrow me. Also looks like he might have someone on your tail.”
100,000 Grand bounty on the Cluster’s Crew
-Look up bounty wants us alive. Operates on ship called cluster
-Umbra club, the traverse, Spyder, Twin Peaks, and Xelcon Tower.
-Ask Chopper the Spyder is gambling club

Reference Links:
Big Tent – Linds account: pass: F33dm3m0r3

11/21/2014 ALL THE XP IS BELONG TO US. 250 total XP after this session.
Hey, so we got the extra 5k credits because we got more info out of the system.
Ron Burkhard or go home

The foreign guy, Choppa, said, “I know who is following you.”
Duur replies, “Who was following us?”
“His name is Kato Lee—Ahhhh——choss. It’s another Nikto. Looks like he’s been doing a little bit of smuggling for fuckIjustforgothisnamewhothehellistheguy. The hutt. um…”
Hep leans over to Duur and says, “I think this guy’s high.”
“He’s been stealing our stuff as well.”
“Fucker!” said Duur, indignantly.
“So we need to hunt this guy down for what?”
Kato Licktoes?
M O U S E! Kato Mouse!
Anyways, his usual hangout places appear to be the Umbra Club, the Spider, and a place called Zelconn Tower.
He’s the bounty hunter trying to go after you, but he’s also doing illegal smuggling against …
Madrin is “half the man he used to be.” Light saber training gone wrong.
The Spider is a sabback parlor – big place for gamblers. More crimal crinimal criminal hangout point.

Going to go to the Umbra club, hell yeah!
Sector 1459 in the city. Hep drives. Madrin and Duur ride along.
(This is just a small-time cantina. No smuggling. Some death sticks.)
As soon as you enter the cantina, you notice the smell – the combined odor of stale liquor, burning death sticks and other rank substances washes over you. Broken chairs, tattered couches, private booths with ragged curtains. Center of room, large brightly lit dance floor.
Patrons hang.

Behind the bar a gruff gotal slings drinks. Gotals look like the picture at the left here. He’s really into his drink slinging. We think he’s singing a Marvin Gaye tune. Something about Gotal Healing.

Twiliks on the stage dancing. All manner of people going around selling death sticks, drinking. There are people behind the curtains.

Madrin is looking for trouble. Sadly, there isn’t any. He orders a “normal, strong drink.”

“Unfortunately, as of late, this is about as heated up as it gets. I’m not sure why. It’s a bit run down. Maybe stuff with the hutt. Maybe because they have RATTY FUCKING COUCHES and DEATH STICKS here.”

Madrin orders a Corellian Ale. Madrin tips the bitter bartender. He’s cleaning a glass. With his tongue.

Perception roll (difficulty 2): 2 success 1 advantage: You do not see anyone that matches the description of LEACHOS. There is one person that is going around doing a lot of heavy duty death stick sales.

Madrin would like to purchase some death sticks, in a mexican accent for some reason.

“How many?”


“I got a few on me. I might have a little extra if you give me a few minutes.”

“Alright. I’ll give you a few minutes.”

“How many?”


“C’mon, really?”

“How much is it?”

“5 each.”

“I’ll take 40. No wait, I want a cargo container of them. And I want to pay 250 credits.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Do you know how hard this stuff is to come by?”

“I’m a paying customer. Can you do it or not? and I need a sample.”

“You’re cutting me off, man! That’s if I got it to you in like…”

“Pffft!” Madrin starts to walk away.


“Look, I can sell you the stuff, but it’s gonna cost extra.”

“Ok, if I pay that, you owe me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”


“350 and a favor, and it’s a deal.”

“Ok, go get a booth for a minute and I’ll be right there. My name’s Spang. I’ll be right back, okay?”

Madrin gets a booth. He goes to the first occupied booth and pulls the person out of it. The dude he pulls out runs. I don’t mean, like, dribbles, not like Duur’s moistness or anything. He books it.

“Here’s where you can find your stuff.”

“I’ll pay you half now.”

“I’m telling you it’s there. I’m not cheating you.”

“I’m just trying to make a deal.”

Madrin takes out the credit stick, holds out his hand. They shake on the deal. “I think I might want to use that favor. What do you know about Kato Miachos? Have you seen him around?”

He goes wide-eyed a moment. “Dunno who that is.”

Madrin tries to convince him with hardware. Unimpressed, he starts to walk away. He’s cut off by two guys blocking the path. Zabrak and a Rodian.

They start some shit. They currently have 4 legs between them. Six if you count death stick guy.

Duur reaches across to knock the guy’s head into the table.

Madrin pulls a “mime surprise” (activates shock glove and misses)

Um… combat ensues. With some grappling.

“So why’d your friend try to hit me?”
He answers in hutt-speak.

Madrin and Duur bring a couple extra passengers back to Hep’s ride.

Coercion check – major failage. (Is he still miming?)

Duur makes some progress. “Kato moves merchandise. He likes Sabback over at the Spider. Owes them money”

Madrin sticks the guy’s credits in his clothing.

We drop the two off again. Madrin is whining about toes.

12/13/14 – 25 XP Each 5 XP for notes
Can go to the Spider or Zelcon Tower
Spider has a reputation for gambling with large payout. Large Sabbacc games. Also has a reputation for place that has good information.
Madrin, Hep and Duur go to the Sabbacc tables.
Siala stays outside as a lookout.
The spider has a central pit of card tables, loud and noisy. Lucky rolls fill up the room. Behind the bar is a two headed twig using all four arms. Nikko bounty hunter is not her. Holler at the emps and patrons for info.
Hep goes to find an electronic game and looking around. Party goes to the bartender “What’d you got that buuuuurns… but won’t kill me?” Madrin asks
Bartender fixes him a “flaming” drink. Duur gets a blue ocean drink.
Duur and Madrin ask about Kato – he owes us money, is the story.
Bartender doesn’t offer up any information (Bwa Bwa)
Duur and Madrin leave it open for later and leave to play Sabbac.
Table agrees on 80 credits –
Madrin seems to have weird luck. He won 480 credits on game 1 (triumph).
Corsin Finn – Botham in the corner- Boss of The Spider
Duur goes to Madrin and tells him about the Boss.
Madrin and Hep play another round.Hep wins! 4600 credits!
Madrin plays the slots enters 100 credits and wins 3333 credits!
Intermission -

Party goes to boss. Duur speaks to him, hoping he could point us in the right direction.
Kato – hitting shipments – 1,000 credits if we lay a trap for him.
Come back to the Spider tomorrow.
Party bids adeui and will be back tomorrow
Party goes to Zelcomm Towers, where there was a distinct absence of bicycles.
Nadya gets the blueprint and security schematics of the building
Highly secure tower – maintenance bay far side – ventilation grates on back of the building leading down to sub level 1 – A. – Elevated terrace 4 stories up – One guy there – office is in the main center with other offices surrounding. Security detail
Elevators go to sub-basement 1-A
Meetings with Kato on Calendar – Madrin checking for correlating dates. Notices random shipments come in and no set time, but when they do come in, Kato arrives. Shipments with Kato being there starts about 2 years ago. last time Kato was at Zelcomm was 1 week ago.
Zelcomm is just a shipping company from what we can tell from the news feeds. CEO Coruum Sa’Dia—Ishi Tib Male See Image below.

Party doesn’t see a reason to go into the building yet. Will lay low until tomorrow to capture Kato.

Party has Frisky look for information about our ship, the Cluster, has been involved in a few shipments in another part or the galaxy.

We’re walking down the street, minding our own god-damn business, when tink-tink-tink! Grenade! 10 points of damage. Owie! Some dude says, “I’ve found you at last!”

Kaa’to Leachos mother fucker is there

Party shoots back, he flees, Duur Chases. Hep and Madrin hijack a car and catch up to Duur. Duur gets in! Party follows Kaa’to to Nova Core Factory.

Party glides on to landing pad. There are two entrances – Hep stays at the car as a look out. Madrin and Duur go left first.

(snip) 8< piece of shit computer break >8 (snip)

Mustafarian Below

Security Droids stop us and Madrin shows credentials and hero papers. The security droids let us by and helping us search. Duur continues on, Hep catches up to Madrin

We make our way into an area where the atmosphere itself is trying to kill us. That’s why they’re using droids to work the factory.

Madrin took Hep’s advice (for whatever reason) and tried to jump onto one of the conveyors to get some speed. Made it!

Madrin and team go into very dark room. Madrin draws lightsaber for light. Hep beside Madrin fro light. Duur activaes scanner goggles.

Walkway blasted 20 ft. – Madrin and Duur outside of blast. Hep gets hit

Have to go other way. We find 2 Black sun killed.

Find a locked door. Madrin cuts through with lightsaber.

Madrin channels Darkside to flip lever on control panel to start conveyor belt.

Team jumps on conveyor belt. Madrin grabs Duur when Duur almost falls off belt. Hep rode conveyor belts in piloting school in his baggage training module.

3 blaster rifles
Mini thermal detonator (Duur Promptly grabs)
4 stun grenades
2 frag grenades

We find a ship with Spice goods and a some sort of

On the ship we find a small portion of spice we might be able sell for 10k

Dude starts monologuing, and we start blasting him without listening. He tries to get away again. We still try to blast him. A lot. Hep turns the lights on. Duur turns on a conveyor that runs into his jet pack. Madrin gives chase.


Loot –
Heavy blaster pistol
Custom laminate armor
Destroyed faulty jetpack
2 Mini-thermal detonator – Madrin and Nadya
z-95 head hunter ship!!!!!

Party decides to go to Corsin Finn with the head of Kaa’to.
Madrin and Duur go to Corsin – Madrin is aggressive and angry. Duur keeps it cool. They negotiate with Corsin 1,000 credits for taking out Kaa’to and 6,000 credits for the location of his shipment.
7,000 Credits Total. 1,000 each 2,000 to party fund

Duur sends the correct coordinates to Corsin once they are out of the establishment.

As they leave, Duur tosses a squishy bag to one of the security guards out front of . The Spider. The guard peeks in the bag and is shocked in horror at the grotesque head and face of Kaa’to Liachos.

Party returns to the ship to have Choppa broker a deal for the Z-95 Headhunter Ship. Bounty on our heads goes away.

Choppa brokers a deal for 55,000 – 5,000 in party fund – 10,000 each



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