Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

Training in the Dark Magics

5/29/15 – 10 XP (393 total)
The party sat around eating rancor fish with rancor asparagus. Super tasty!
Leandra and Nadya intensely train Nadya’s force skills
Leandra exudes that she is the top predator on the food chain even though there are other force users on the planet
Ooris is about to get his doritos and dick…
Duur opens the door…
Hep checks the cockpit…
A huge thunderstorm rolls in – ominous lightning
The bag of Doritos shakes and jumps and a potbelly creature with fuzz all around pops out while munching down on Doritos. It grabs the bag and scurries away.
Duur gathers all perimeter equipment as the rain plts his skin – moisture at last
Hep plans to fly out 200 miles away from the storm
Leandra asks if Nadya is ready to become a full NightSister
Test: Betrayal to Count Dooku – She lives and is on the planet – “Hsu Saw Ball”
Nadya is to bring her back to Leandra or kill her
Nadya agrees to bring her Hsu Saw Ball
Ooris tries to grab the little fuzz ball but grabs the Doritos instead
Luckily the fuzz hangs onto the Dorito bag. Finally it jumps off, tucks and rolls, then comes up looking at Ooris. He jumps up on the counter to find more Doritos. Ooris takes a trash can and hits the creature with it.
Ooris traps the creature under the trash can.
“Can you understand me, creature?” asks Ooris.
“as;lkdfja;wuiebusildb;oaiegn;ioaweng;akdjfnb s;oha;ogh oah goahoaer oah;gohasd meeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! meeeeeeeeeee!” says the creature in reply.
It’s trying to bump the trash can. It goes nowhere.
Ooris tries to find a box. She finds a cardboard box – it’s the best she can do.
By the time she gets back to the creature it’s snoring.
Ooris sticks it in a box. It doesn’t like the box being closed.
Duur gets everything on the ship. Hep flies up, goes horizontally 200 miles, and lands again.
Nadya uses a force power, Seek. “Lead the way to something.”
Angry Nadya, channeling hate →
Nadya. Angry Nadya. This is Dathomir. It’s dark. Nadya, oh my Nadya.
Where’s your pleasure now, that the storm’s reaching its max, where did your feelings go? The storm is spinning you around now, bringing you down now. Where’s your comm link now, Nadya? Where has your comm link gone now?
Nadya hit us up with some coordinates, asking for a pickup. Hep decides it’s prudent to wait for the storm to blow over before they head that way since it didn’t seem like an emergency pickup or anything.
Hep’s taxi service, gearing up.
The storm takes like 18 hours to blow over.
Ooris starts building a cage for the little shit she found eating her Doritos.
Duur boosts the signal, lets Nadya know we’re waiting out the storm before we come get her.
Nadya keeps coming our way, going like 12 miles per hour for 5 hours.
Then she rests 5 hours.
Then she goes for another 5 hours, which is 120 miles of 200 miles we’re away.
Then she rests. We take off and reach her pretty quickly, without really exerting ourselves.
Ooris finishes the cage she was making, then puts it up in her med-bay. The thing seems to like Ooris, nuzzling up against her slugness. It’s a Yetvah (made up by Ron, but completely Starwarsy). It’s named Bruce. These creatures are native to Dothamir, and some force users can communicate with them. They’re intelligent, and have a language if you can speak it. They’re force-sensitive. They can respond to force users. They can also have normal conversations. They’re intelligent, but they’re not, like, “let’s read a book.” If they get wet they become strong and grow bigger – double their size, up to like 4’ tall. They’re a bit clumsy out of water. They can become territorial.
Duur, a good commando, gets a message that essentially says it needs people to go on a special mission to Bakura to defend that planet against an invasion of some sort. They want mercenaries. “If you help us fight, we’ll help you find a place in the New Republic.”
He sends it on to the rest of the crew.
Nadya breaks out of the storm after hiking 75 miles.
Nadys hangs with some ape creatures. She gives them food. They say “da, da, da, da.” They seem to like her. She goes with them. They go to an area with tons of bamboo or something, and they’re like, eating it. They give her some bamboo. She peels off a little slice and chews on it. The ape guy takes a huge bite. Nadya takes off the helmet. A female with saggy gorilla titties sits down by her.
I don’t remember when we dropped acid. It must have been recently.
Nadya tries to use the data pad to communicate with them. (Triumph + succeed + threat) She gets a rudimentary translator. They’re a primitive people, hunter/gatherer.
Nadya sends, “I need you guys to meet me at these coordinates,” and sends some other coordinates. Or something. I don’t know now. There’s a beacon somewhere.
Nevermind. We go there and she says to come back later, so we come back later, to whatever location they (Nadya and her ape guides) go to. She shows up dirty and wet and super-tired.
Hep gets hailed. He ignores it. Duur heads to the cockpit and puts shields up.
They’re hovering.
Make sure we’re ready to take off, then look at the hail.
The hail has an Empire signature.
Duur mans the guns. Hep takes off.
The ship takes off. Hep follows. Full throttle.
There’s another hail message.
“We’ve already relayed our coordinates. You’ve interfered with an imperial space mission. You’ve violated some ordinance by not identifying yourself.”
Hep to Duur: “Shoot ‘em.”
Duur to the ship: “Light ‘em up.”
Duur opens the ramp, takes the patch of the Black Sun, drops it near the wreckage, then closes the ramp. “Alright, Hep, we’re done. Let’s get outta here.”
“Where to now?”
“Let’s get some stealth technology.”
Hep goes to orbit.
“Take me back down!” orders Nadya.
“Whatever you say, boss!” says Duur.
“Alright,” says Hep.
“I need to do this.”
“Do you need us for it?”
“I don’t think so, but I’m hoping you come along.”
“So what is this?”
“Years ago, this one woman by the name of Hsu Sa Bal was instrumental in destroying a clan of night sisters who Leandra was a part of and she’s given me the bounty to either capture and bring back and if I can’t do that then kill this person.”
“That’s it. Here’s the approximate location.”
“So, do you want help with this?”
“If you want to.”
“I’m asking you. It seems like it’s your mission. Do you want help with it?”
“My only goal is to get her back. I’d be happy to have you along.”
“You’re not answering my question.”
“Ooris, you in?”
“Is there food involved?”
“Let’s do this!”
Nadya decides to do research on this person, searching the galactic network. (2 success 1 threat)
In recent galactic history books Hsu Sa Bal was instrumental
in toppling the treacherous night sisters. Speaks favorably of
Count Dooku and the empire and shit.
And she had a kid.
Gevin Tyrell (the kid) is an imperial officer stationed on this
planet, dealing with logistics, transporting and moving goods
on and off planet.
“If we mess with her kid we might be able to get some goods.”
“I like it.”
He’s not too far from here – a couple hundred miles further along. It’s not wholly outside the direction we were already going.
10 XP.



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