Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

"The Circle"

8/8/14 – HEP disappears. Now the new GM…? 15XP
- Nadya and Duur make their way back to the ship – avoiding patrols.
- They return to the docking bay – ship is gone.
- Nadya tracks ship and it is leaving the system.
- Nadya and Duur are confounded.
Where is the ship going?
Where is the rest of the crew?
- Nadya plugs into the network feed – nothing about the capture of the rest of the team.
- She picks up a repeating pulse and digs into it: “We can help each other. Meet at the ship.”
- Nadya checks for famous ships on the planet – nothing picking up.
- Siala wakes up naked in a glass of goo with tubes linking in and out. She sees Madrin naked in a glass like hers with tubes coming out of him. She sees a control panel in the middle of the room with 6 dead bodies – dressed in medical outfits.
- Siala doesn’t see Shy. There are several buttons – can shut off life support; drain the tube; lift her up.
- Duur and Nadya decide to look around the docking bay.
- Nadya covers Duur as he checks the bay. As he’s looking around – the message is triggered again. Nadya directs Duur back to the triggered area.
- Duur notices he is being watched by a figure.
- Duur finds a data pad and a black box. Duur heads in a north direction and is followed by a male dark figure.
- Nadya moves to flank the figure.
- Siala hits the buttons to get out of the tube. One cuts off her air supply – she reactivates it.
- She hits the other buttons and is ejected from the tube. She removes a tracheal tube – Her character just won the blow job contest.
- Siala wakes up Jeran and Madrin- they dress and pick up gear – no weapons.
- Man investigating a new organization that’s trying to form. Not empire – not rebel and no associations on this planet. He needs grunts to get their hands dirty. Trakinor Cass is his name. If we agree to help, he’ll supply us with a ship. Scout and retrieve a crystal.
- Organization – The Ring – A ring of planets with occasional dealings with the Huts.
- Siala and Madrin make their way to escape. They find a room with their gear and try the coms. They can hear each other but Nadya and Duur do not respond. Madrin and Siala see a symbol on the wall – smashed circle tube.
- They continue on and find a lifted platform that brings them to a top level. They try the coms again – Nadya and Duur do not respond. There isn’t anyone in the top level room.
- They decide to check the rooms for anything useful. Find zilch. Decide to go back down to the control panel.
- Nadya and Duur agree to help Trakinor. Imperial forces took the crew off the ship. Scout mission: Check out a facility to make a fake power crystal that’s burned out and replace another crystal with it.
- Will put the location in the nav systems for our mission. Ship is at dock 19. Ship that has been through several battles and may have missing parts. Nadya inspects the ship. Missing pieces, but nothing to prevent flying. Can maneuver like a bus in water. Nadya and Duur board the ship – press the button – nav pops up to new planet location
- Madrin and Siala chop off a foot and tie it to the medical coats and make a rope. They try hacking the control panel. They find out the entire facility has a poisonous atmosphere.
- M&S launch their foot rope up and it catches on the next floor. The grid opens and they see a ship fly over head. They climb up and find a control panel. Air starts rushing out – pulling out all of the oxygen. Close the doors and find an alternate mode of transportation – speeder bikes with breather masks.
- Nadya and Duur will take a day to get to the facility. – 8 hours into the flight receive message: You can deviate from current path and go here to find friends. They go off course. Find a small planet with a bunch of small planets. One station looks destroyed and the other is intact.
-Coms come back online. Feedback and static. Party is in connection again.
- Party meets up at intact facility and Nadya fill in the rest of the party on the way to the fake power crystal facility. Coms go back out. Jammer blocks the communications
- Nadya and Madrin go back down to get parts for Frisky.
- One of the control panels is a front. It opens up and there is a button behind the front.
- Nadya is about to hit the button when Madrin starts dicking around with the speeder bikes – there is an option of having 8.
- Nadya tries to decipher the signal and find the source of the jam. The control panel explodes. The ATM recounters the spark – Nadya sees their power sources and diverts the power. Some of the power diverts to the ship. Frisky sparks up.
- Nadya determines there are more wings – one tactical and one medical.
- Everyone is back on the ship – its running just a bit better with the juice.

  • Group Name = Dead Legs – our signature move.
    - Planet comes slowly into view – looks similar. A canyoned planet with two working facilities.
    - Message: Scouting mission to see what the crystal looks like. Second mission is to replace it.
    - Find a plains place with speeder bike. Party approaches the station- encrypted communication: Landing credentials
    - Party gives information and claims in need of repair. Party is allowed to land. Air has poisonous element.
    - Canyons on the planet are the same. Coms are jammed.
    - Party looks to get help to repair ship in the command sector.
    - Madrin goes outside to get the breathing mask from the speeder bike.
    - Party continues on. goes down the medical corridor and there are people. They are wearing masks.
    - Party is not acknowledged – continue on to the command level – rough diamond shaped room. – Half wall that blocks access. Group of people working just stare at the party. Lights in the back turn off and a wall raises.
    - Madrin raises bounty hunter certificate. People respond to this. Madrin asks for help to fix the ship. He tries to convince them he is there for a bounty. The 1st group return to their seats. 2nd group moves. The elevator moves down.
    - Duur tells them about the other planet and dead people. They murmur and get out their blasters.
    - Initiative -———-
    - Hologram appears – emperor “You will all know the power of the ring. They meant nothing to me. You mean nothing to me.” room starts to short circuit. Party picks up bad guy and run out the door. Party gets thrown against the walls. Party opens door – elevator shaft – Nadya jumps down – Duur and Siala follow. see a room down below and it is completely empty.
    - Party gets back on the elevator rises up – it’s quite wobbly – Duur and Siala fall over the side. Nadya catches them. Madrin tries to pull them to safety. A ladder drops right in the middle of the group. Party gets on ladder and Frisky welcomes them aboard.
    - Party flies back to the Hut planet



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