Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

Rise of a Revolution

1/16/2015 – 18 XP (total XP 293)

Boonrock Bonu introduces himself, thanks us for coming to Sy Myrth.
There is a grand palace (Congressional Palace, has some boring history we don’t listen to). The place is molluskular. And guarded.
We get to the ornate, wooden, double doors. Marble floors inside. In the back corner is a burned picture/painting.

Sy Myrth has had its problems over the years. It’s starting to become powerful. Terelius trade route has been taken over by bandits and hutts. “Honorless species.” Want to make a deal with the Black Sun.

Choppa offers our services. They accept, for 10% and no molestare our shippa.

Request list:
5 guys (one is a medic), 2 droids, 4 guns, one partridge, and Madrin’s “Johnson” camera

We take off in the wake of the transport ship. LITERALLY IN THE WAKE. Like, right freaking there.

Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Nothing happens.
BOOM. Shit appears out of hyperspace! 5 ships, to be exact. Assault transport, Y-wing, A-7 hunter-interceptors, two delta-6 defense star fighter.

Madrin assessed the tactical situation and then ran to the gun.

The light assault transport is the anchor. It gets nose-to-nose with the decoy transport ship.

Nadya activates the cannons on the decoy transport. And when we say “activate,” we mean “ACTIVATE.” (Triumph, 6 success, 2 threat.) Hits the Y-wing between the shields. BOOM Shards from it hits the Delta 6 (lowering the armor by 1).

A-7 goes. Strafes across the top of the decoy transport. Misses.

Delta-6s go. Miss and hit – takes out the top gun. Flat spin! Goose is dead! Oh noes!

Madrin hits one D-6 and takes it out.

Choppa evaluates a shot, but doesn’t pull the trigger… yet.

Remaining D-6 swoops underneath, clips the transport, bounces.

Three more Y-wings pop in from hyperspace. They get dock-lock. The transport is dead in the water. We play it a little more cool.

We swoop out from behind the transport and shoot at the Y-wings. The first shot from Madrin just hits. Nadya angles the deflector shields. The assault transport is boarding the decoy. Choppa takes a shot at the same Y-wing and takes it out.

Hep pulls some brilliant evasion while Madrin and Choppa attack. Madrin hits for 4. Hep draws them into themselves and they start shooting at their own transport. The BTL takes out the A-7, and does 5 damage to the transport. The D-6 is down to 2. Choppa attacks and takes out the other BTL. One BTL left.

Madrin has the remaining BTL dead to rights, hitting it solidly (1 point left). Nadya advises him to dock as well.

The Black Sun show up, clean up, board the transport. They search the hold and find some basic stuff.

1/30/2015 20 XP (total XP 313)

Wholly crap we all rolled dark side points (4) today. Must be something about Jess’s GMing.
We are invited to an event that includes politicians, other luminaries, etc. at the Congressional Palace. Invited in the morning. Party in the evening.
Nadya’s pheromones attract the Twileks!
Hep is despondent, bordering on suicidal, we aren’t flying anymore. =(
Madrin is suspicious of the gregarious Twileks
Hep takes a nap.
Madrin and Nadya go to get their robes pressed and armor polished. This isn’t a double-entendre.
13th and Market street – Spice Wash – good place to get robes pressed and shit.
There’s a Sy Merthian at the counter, wearing suspenders and a white shirt. He’s busy in the store.
Siala goes to the buy clothes.
The sun is shining. Nadya opens her visor and lets the sun hit her face. She smells the spice. Ah! She smells the market and… closes her visor.
Siala and Madrin go to the SPA.
Guangu shows up to escort us.
Sun Guard members of the Sith.

We make our way to the palace for the party. The Sun Guard stop us at the entrance and demand we leave our weapons outside. Um… Yeah, initiative.
Or not.
Ciala mentions something about pus. Lots of pus. Oozy, gooey, nasty pus. And the Sun Guard back off.
We get in. There’s strings. There’s drums.
Boonrack Banu screams. The music stops. We are introduced. And holy shit, they applaud us. Mostly a golf clap. They mean it, though.
Hep bows. Nadya somehow takes the credit.
We start dancing with the Twi’leks.
Madrin dances with the the blue one ungracefully.
Nadya kills it!

There are some politicians from the inner world. (Ciala knows about them from her time as a bodyguard.)
There are twi’lek politicians, Cy Merthian politicians, and even a Hutt.
There are humanoid politicians from like Naboo or Dantooine.
High ranking senators, all kinds.
There’s one in particular that is an extravagant Cy Merthian.
Then Ciala’s favorite politician shows up. Bow! Hey! Boom! Yo! Yeah!
He wants to introduce her around.
Queenru Bonaru meets with Siala and goes out to smoke on the terrace with her.
Madrin is getting a drink at the bar. Then he fondles his balls. No, wait, he feels something in his pocket. Not convinced it’s not his balls yet… Pending. Waiting…
It’s parchment. They stay in his pockets for now.
He goes to the bathroom. There are people doing lines of “spice.” There’s some sort of private “room divider” you can open and shut, but there’s no actual privacy. People are getting their fuck on and shit here. Wow. Wrong place to read a secret message.
He feels a tingle in the back of her head. It pulls him away from the bathroom. He goes further away from the bathroom down a long corridor. There’s bass from the drums, but no other heavy noise here. There’s an open archway into the terrace. There’s beautiful cypress trees here.
Holy shitballs and a fucking half. He makes the roll. There are cameras, and someone making out somewhere, but he finds a place where nobody will see.
He gets into the corner, pulls out the notes, one at a time. Right pocket first. He opens it. In common, it says, “Help!” It’s written in blood. He burns the note.
Nadya makes her way to the terrace while Hep takes over being the life of the dance floor. Madrin force-pulls Nadya toward the corner.
Madrin says, “I think someone’s trying to crash our party. I found a note. I can’t read it.”
Nadya scans the thing, whatever it is. Yeah.
It loosely translates to, “Do not trust.” It’s written in Twi’lek/Ryl. It’s hard to say because the Ryl language includes body language, that is not present in the note.
Madrin’s Vera is named “Betsy”
Nadya talks to one of the many various Twi’leks, pulls her away from the party. She tries to get the girl to read the note. She’s totally hesitant and almost snide with her attempts to not read the thing. Nadya tries to charm her into reading.
She says, “The note says, ‘do not trust Boonrock.’”
She goes on to say we’re with the Black Sun, so we’re in on it. She doesn’t believe we’re actually in on freeing a bunch of Twi’leks and Ugnaughts.
“Oren Fretah has been selling us to the Cy Merthians, the Hutts, anybody who would line his pockets. He and Boonrock have been in an engagement for quite some time. It’s what keeps the spice mines going.” (He was the big super-fat twilek we saw coming in.)
“Where would you go?”
“I’d stay here and kill every last one of them that ever laid a hand on me.”
She’s got a bit of a vendetta.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.
“Just call me Jara Tiure,” she says.
And then they kiss.

Dancing continues. Madrin dances. Hep dances.
Nadya invents Star Wars Line Dancing.
The body language of the Twi’leks is filled with pain and suffering. Madrin is depressed. And drinking.
Nadya chills the party out. Peace, yo.
Cokehead senator is trying to bring the party to life all by himself. Nadya takes offense. No, wait, she’s tired.
Madrin find a beautiful blue Twilek male and heads back to the ship.
Hep leaves with a gorgeous guacamole looking Twilek and has fun back at the ship.
In the morning the party argues over whether they wanted to help the Twi’leks or not. Hep and Nadya are for it. Madrin is not but is convinced when Nadya shows
Madrin sees a grouping of speeders with Sun Guards and Sy Myrth on his perch heading to the canyon.
20 xp

2/27/2015 15 XP (total XP 328)
Siala see flesh droid. C3PO with skin on.
Ginger Space Vodka twist with Lime is ordered by.
Madrin communicates Senator is on the way and he is moving to more advantageous spot to cover. The meeting place is indoor
“Like getting an A in special Ed” ← that’s worth bonus xp
Madrin is sneaking his way down. He’s super-fucking-sneaky. He goes down the building, into the saloon without anybody seeing him. He sees two Sun Guards hanging out in the back of the room. (They’re not sith people, they’re bodyguards of the congressional folks.)
OOC: Ron hit his head on Nemesis. Freaking ouch!
There’s a coat closet to the side, but no coats in it. He slides his way into it. The door swings open in front of him, so if the door is open he doesn’t see anything. There is a sneak lane out that would take him behind the rickety wood pallet setup.
He sneaks around and finds a place to see the back door and Ciala.
Hep gets a ride to the place from Nadya’s jet pack hug.
Cialia says, “We are on the side of truth and justice!”
Hep adds, “And money and nookie!”
The senator doesn’t quite relax at this.
“What can we do?” asks Ciala.
The senator slides the curtain shut. Madrin no longer has sight on Ciala.
“You know the slave situation here on Sy Myrth.”
“It’s about as bad as we saw in the mines.”
“You saw the mines?”
“The resort. Elsewhere.”
“They’re kept in the mines. No food or water. If they die, their bodies are kept in a mass grave.”
“What can we do to stop this? How do we free them?”
“Boonrock Bahnu must be stopped by any means necessary.”
“The congressional palace is not only outfitted with guards, but also a telekinetic.”
Madrin remembers back at the party a tingling sensation in the back of his head when someone slipped a note into his pocket. Someone tried to get into his mind.
“Outside of the congressional palace is the area where you would have the most success.”
“The slaves are kept in the spice mines five miles to the east. If you free the slaves and take out Boonrock Bahnu, i can’t promise you much of a reward but it will bring a much needed change that can be capitalized on by the Black Suns. If you don’t mind I will get back before anyone misses me.”
“There is a dry cleaner on market street. The merchant next to it is a friend. Say to him, ‘never shall she reign, never in her glory.’” Send a message through him and I will get it.
Madrin sees the senator slide the window open and shuffle out the back.
Nadya drops Hep off (which is what the helmet was apparently for). Hep goes in for a drink. Nadya goes on to try to watch the senator from a distance. There are two Sun Guard following her.
Nadya goes dark (and by that it means she cuts us off from communication but we can still hear what she is doing). She finds a canopy and wood building. She crouches behind it in her camo. The senator continues to stroll along. She goes by. She looks like she’s heading back to the congressional palace. Nadya is waiting for the Sun Guard.

Nadya picks a fight.
“Why are you following her”
Madrin says “Damn it, why is Nadya always killing my fun time”
Surprise attack is successful.
We’ve suddenly turned into a Quentin Tarantino movie.
Lots of noise, lots of commotion.
The local rabble get into it.
She is drawing in a crowd that’s into a stoning. She gets after the second guy and drags him inside.
Nadya asks, “Why are you following her?”
Madrin has an erection. A stiffie. A boner. A hard-on. A chubby. A tent pole. He’s got wood. He’s got wood! Teak, Mahogany,Walnut, Maple, Cherry!
Nadya gets him to admit it’s Boonrock Bahnu who sent them to kill the senator. She shocked him until he was unconscious and tossed him out into the street to the mob.
Madrin and Hep are hanging at the bar. Nadya walks in looking like she kicked somebody’s ass. She sits down at the bar and orders Corellian Whiskey.
Ciala joins the rest of the crew.
We hear music, like Beethoven’s Fifth, as if it was written a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
Madrin hits the floor, gun out.
Hep runs outside and sees the slaves carrying the decapitated heads of the Sun Guard on pikes and chanting about revolution. He hops on a speeder bike and heads back to the ship.
We meet back at the ship.
(Extra blue die on next roll for Hep. Extra blue die on next two rolls for Nadya. Madrin is a slacker.)
Ouris is providing the soundtrack for the revolution.

Something like that, only more “galaxy far far away” esque.
Ooris wakes up to see lots of death and slaughter.
Hep takes the ship and drops Madrin and Nadya off at the congressional palace. Madrin goes in through the front, into the greeting room. Nadya flies off to the top.
Madrin faces a closed, heavy, wooden door. Nobody is around. He whips out his lightsabre and cuts a speeder-bike-sized hole in the door. He zooms into the room. His assistant, Guan Gwu is there, busying himself at the far wall.
“Where is Boonrock? It is of the utmost importance and safety!” says Madrin.
“Oh! Oh! Madrin, sir! The most crazy thing is happening.”
“Where’s Boonrock?”
“He’s on the ship.”
Madrin takes off.

Meanwhile, Nadya lands in the courtyard on top of a couple of Black Suns. She careens into them, crashing them into a brick wall.

Hep heads to the courtyard.
Nadya looks for Boonrock’s ship by slicing in. She goes into camouflage, then slices in.
Nadya says, “Look for an explosion. Where you see it, land there.”
She tosses two frag grenades there.

Some shit happens

Hep takes the ship into the camouflaged docking bay, and backs the engines up to the other ship engines, trying to disable it with overheating and damage. And succeeds.
Madrin heads out while Hep lands close. Nadya joins him.

Goo drops from the hull as Madrin is trying to breach with his light saber. It’s Boonrock Bahnu.
He gets lit up. “Natural born killers” level.
We find a thermal detonator
Synthetic standard neurotoxin (1 dose)
Avabush spice (1 cargo container)
Yaruk (1 dose)
Also some artisan rare items. We’ll see what they are.
Double-ended yellow light saber on board.
Holocron on board.
And aside from the hole, the ship is pretty nice.

Nadya goes out dragging the body. Everybody is looking at her. She gives the name “<tbd>” to say who did this.
15 XP



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