Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

Oracle Cyles

(5/30/2014 – notes tonight brought to you by Hep and Duur Sa’ak)
Party arrives as Christophsis – Docking Bay 2, looking to resupply
Going to do the buying part on your own and email the GM.
Hep and Duur are pulled into the hype of “The Oracle Cyles’” performance.
Infochant and magician.
Show is impressive and mind bending
Has website and call line for information
Hep and Duur go and see him the next day for information.
Name? Duur Sa’ak. Type of information? Person of interest. 200 credits for missing persons; can be as much as 2,000 credits; the higher the risk the higher the cost.
We wait about 30 minutes and we’re called back. He’s got a crystal ball, etc. Duur Sa’ak asks about Malik Curak, a politician. Price: 600 credits to give you his location at this moment in time. Duur requests updates once a month for 4 months.
Hep has the location of a group of individuals he served as a pilot for; singled out a human cutter for 400 credits total. The Oracle tells him Leap Jerison is his name. He is on Duro right now. Tearon’s Crew, working for Tearon.
Nadya goes to investigate for the Byss imperial prison – 2,300 credits later (WOW) party has the location of the stealth technology, access codes, troop strength. 250 troop strength (highly trained in uniform); two factor identification – need a physical key card. Stealth tech in Z wing (Room location)- west part of underground facility. Hangar attached to Z Wing
Meetup location for the 50k credits/encrypted message is on Radnor. (sea covered planet – limited land mass – City is Takto (one of the twin cities). City affected by bioplague during the Clone Wars.
Normal Astrogation check to find the route; Byss run piloting check difficulty is 4. Failure might result in death. Each square is 3 days travel, so getting there will take us 21 days from here.
Nadya tries to pry apart stormtrooper armor and finds a secret compartment with security ID card.
Radnor Trap
Contact on Radnor – passcode in encryption leading party to underground
Once inside, everyone here is Nautolan, wearing black with the black sun.
“The Green Man sends his regards.” The green man is one of 6-7 higher-ups. A very smart higher-up, like a Mof. Known for his cunning. “I assume you decrypted the message?” (The one that said you’re going to go to war with the Black Sun if you continue expanding. Planet Siskeen) Wants us to plant some devices that will help them take them out. “Tactical nuke.”
If successful, the Green Man will invite you into the Black Sun in addition to the 50,000 credits.
We would need to place the trackers in three different locations. The trackers are tiny – just a chip – easy to disguise. One for power generation, one for Teemo’s place, and one for security off-site.
1 year timeline – 25,000 credits.
At this point the party decides they want the STEALTH TECHNOLOGY.
Couldn’t find the asteroid to visit the bungholes that run the junkyard. Then we did. Elcro welcomed us back “so soon.” (Negotiating with this particular bunghole is normal now since we dealt with him before.)
Rather than negotiate with him now, we just straight out bought the shit. We need to assemble it – a few weeks of WORK. (Yuck.)
We’re going to sit in place and work on the stealth core.
Difficulty 4. Not a 5 because we have schematics.
Something is missing. Power source. Power crystal from Tython (same stuff as Jedi light sabers)
2% chance that the random power source I grabbed would work. Rolled a 4%. Pith. Old prototype that just didn’t work.
(6/20/14) 10xp
Party flies into Denon Sees Republic vessel getting attacked by Imperial ty-fighters.
Receives call to land and is cleared – Party decides to help out Republic vessel. All ships are faster than Cluster.
Initiative –
Jebidiah Thane – Pilot of the republic ship.
Party pulls into docking station 7
Tracking Politician – close to Station 7
Imperial customs – notice Imperial passports are close to expiration.
Siala and Duur go to scout the location of the politician (Beacon disappears for about 2 hours during the weekdays 2pm-4pm) . Signal jammer at location during this time.
Siala is slipped an address close to the politician. Call Malia – international call.
Cantina near both locations – Bar (Imperial Palace) frequented by imperial senators. Some senators are recognized. Password is being exchanged – don’t know what it is yet.
Yameva Industries and Yugrenla Corp is where the call is going to.
Siala (Alana Segalla) and Duur go to the City Overlook Restaurant – call the number – block number. Call is going interestingly as Siala mentions being “a little moist” Will meet with us tomorrow at 6:30pm.
A lot of people going in and out – know he’s on the move.
Siala and Duur head back to the ship.

(6/27/14 – notes by Duur Sa’ak)15 xp
Nadya commissions Frisky to make valid passports – ends up creating super awesome supreme passports and identities of heroes equipped with awards of the highest rank and stature. (Woo Hoo! Alliance health care here we come!!)
Siala, Duur and Hep go to Imperial Palace – Huge line – Hep cuts in line and flashes passport for guards to see the special decals.
Mellow martini bar. Not a lot of people inside – busy but not crowded. Music: Girl from Tatooine. Party does not blend in very well – high class dressed people.
Siala gets Naboo wine with the infusion of greck (no hangover but you still feel all the effects of alcohol)
Duur pays for beer – ends up going in the tip jar.
Man in suit comes up to party- VIP Wrangler – speaks calmly. Keeps up with Hep. Notices we haven’t been around these parts. Hep quickly says it’s Siala’s birthdyay.
Party grabs a table. VIP Wrangler gives a button to the party if we need anything.
Jeran is brought into a weapons locker with anything he wants. Favor owed
Siala gets a steak and red velvet space pussy birthday cake and a stripper. She gets mushroom stamped in the face.
Hep desires a faster engine – 9 parsecs. Maps of the galaxy – favor owed
Duur gets flesh camouflage set – predator and chameleon esque – modifies genetic code as well.

Song break (to the tune of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”):
You walk into the party
All of a sudden you own a yacht
And a stick that blocks light sabres
But does not deflect a cock
Your pilot got a new engine
Kessel run in 9
Why do I feel the GM’s gonna fuck me
Really gonna fuck me
This campaign
Is prob’ly gonna kill my character
This campaign!

Hep finds a dick-free zone. While he’s there, Moff Furon comes up, thinking he knows him, and discusses Hep’s service under Moff Serverus. They get into a conversation through which Hep learns about warfare, space battles (including some he was supposedly in as the “hero”) and imperial knowledge/strategy. Hep gets card and contact information for Furon.
While they’re away, a crew shows up with a tri-turbo XT71925 engine to install.
Nadya notices a tracking beacon on the engine.
Party returns to the ship.
Party goes to sleep – someone tried to hack into the ship and there was a tracking beacon connected.
Hep and Duur follow Malik throughout the day- picking up his dry cleaning, going to work, getting coffee. Schematics for corps close to Imperial Palace continue deep into the ground. Small force of security guys at his home and bodyguards.
Nadya hacks into security feeds around Malik’s home. Imperial police have been called – signature has been imprinted from data pad.
Nadya fries her datapad but knows they got information.
Duur calls Commander at homeworld notifies him of locating Malik on Denon – sends him coordinates of home and corporation. Troops will be there in 2 days.
Imperial police show up at the docking station with blow torches and docking clamps threatening to seal…. “Please don’t scratch my ship.” Jeran blasts the Imperial guard with the blow torch.
Siala blasts the docking clamps.
They make a hole into the hull of the ship.
Jeran, Madrin and Siala are knocked unconscious.



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