Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

Ghosts of the Past

May 8, 2015 – 10 XP (total 368)
As we are leaving the system, Nadya realizes Leandra Talc has been shot. Ooris stitched her up really, really damn well.
Meanwhile, Hep sets coordinates on the nav computer to jump to Felucia (and fails).
Then Duur asks, “How do you feel about going to Dathomir?” Hep resets the coordinates and starts heading that way.
Hep heads to his bunk, happy in the fact that it’s pretty drama-free at the moment.
Ooris continues to tend to the patient.

Leandra is awake and satisfied with her care.

She tells us she’s not from Dathomir, and warns us that it is crawling with Imperials. Her story is that her brother Gareth was supposed to be trained at Coruscant. After some time they split and took different paths. She doesn’t want to say ideologically opposed… But Gareth did send her a note through his errand boy Madrin. He’s gotten himself in trouble again by picking sides. He wants help.

“If you’re going to Dathomir, it’s going to take days longer than you expect to get there.”

“No, we’re going near Dathomir, of course,” Hep answers. He then turns to Duur and whispers, “What does she mean it’s going to take a long time to get there?”

“How long have you been force-sensitive?” she asks, looking at Nadya. Then they stare lovingly at each other while Leandra force-squeezes the shit out of Nadya.

Maybe literally. We’ll see.

Hep excuses himself saying he’ll be in his bunk, and goes to the bridge.

They continue to stare. Then Ooris interposes her head between their eyes.

“So, who sold you to Teemo?” asks Duur.

“The Empire.”

“Who in the Empire?”

“Somebody who doesn’t exist any more.”

Nadya nods and goes to engineering.

Duur feels tingly in the head. Her head feels odd. It’s as if something is in her mind. She shakes her head. “Mm. Mm mm.”

“So, you have a thing for the pilot, eh?”

“Did you know he’s left-handed?”

“No, but apparently you do.”

“Are you in my mind?” asks Duur.


“You could just ask questions.”

She looks at Ooris. “So, what’s your story?”

“I’m not obligated to say.”

Duur sees thin wispy things with black dragonflies on the end. They’re zipping around Ooris’s head, but hitting a barrier and can’t get in. It lasts 2-3 seconds, long enough for Duur to be uncertain of what she saw.

She says, “Glad you’re feeling better.” She walks away, to the bridge. There, she tells Hep, “She’s a little weird. I’ll be glad when we get to Dothamir.”

Hep is poring over the nav computer. He recognizes there is a miscalculation in the course, and replots it. His new course is perfect.

“But why do we want to go to Dothamir?”

“We could just drop her off.”

“But it’s Imperial. It’s dangerous.”

“We’ve done dangerous stuff before.”

“True enough. Let’s go.”

The console beeps. It’s a message from the Black Suns. Hep calls Nadya to the bridge. “Can you make it look like it’s rejected?”

“How about we make it look like we’re opening it someplace else?” She is able to hack the email and read the content without officially opening it.

It says: “The Black Nebula would like you to join us.”

There is a black sun vigo named Jerec. After Prince Xiksor’s death the vigos have been battling each other for power. Different factions of the black sun are battling for our allegiance to swell their ranks. Jerec is trying to resurrect the Black Sun under a different name – the Black Nebula.

Leandra walks in. “So, kind of crude, isn’t it?” She’s eyeballing the ship. “For somebody who can outsmart Teemo, there’s a surprising lack of amenities.”

“It’s not the ship, it’s how you fly it.”

“I see you corrected the course.”

“Darn right I did.”

“May I?”

“May you what?”

“Adjust your coordinates?”

“How do you mean that?”

“It looks to me that you’re trying to land here,” and she shows a moon. “I don’t know that would be the place I would choose.”

“Where would you land?” asks Duur.

“If I were going to Dothamir, I would land on Dothamir.”

“Why not the moon? Are there imperials there?”

“I haven’t been to Dothamir in a decade.”

Nadya and the rest start pulling up information about Dothamir’s moons.

Okay, so the moon is really densely overgrown with vegetation. Perfect for rancors. Not perfect for much else.

“It’s a perfectly logical place to enter the system.”

“Yes, purrrrrfect,” Leandra says, and her eyes take on the aspect of a cat’s. As she leaves, she says, “Nadya, training commences tomorrow morning at 4:00 sharp.” She leaves the bridge.

“See what I mean?” says Duur.

Hep runs after her. “Wait! We haven’t given you a room yet!”

“No worries,” she says. She emits a tree-cot and sticks it to the hull. “Here’s fine.”

“Well, alright.”

She whispers evilly, “Then people know where to get you in your sleep.”

Leandra smugly pulls up a bounty for 100,000 credits on Ooris.

Nadya turns around and pulls up a bounty on every single one of us.
10 XP

5/14/15 – 15 XP (383 total)
Party comes out of hyperspace and rolls force die
Duur and Hep see a planet circled by 4 moons
Duur looks at the formations and sees an anomaly – cloaked area right in front of the ship
Trap has been set – Force ship binds
Teemo’s ships on the right side and two are stuck in the bind.
“Dodge! Dodge! Nadya, Leandra get up here! it’s a trap and Teemo’s ships are here!” Duur shouts over the comm links.
Hep successfully navigates through the minefield, avoiding Teemo’s preoccupied ships.

Ooris hides with tasties ^^. “I have needs as a Hutt.”
They apparently aren’t as preoccupied as they first appeared. Five ships left the capitol ship and headed toward us.
Duur takes a shot at Teemo’s capitol ship and hits for a little damage.
Nadya tries to make sure the trap vines don’t get us, and stay out of Duur’s shot.
Hep goes defensive.
One of the stuck ships gets destroyed. The explosion forces a helping fighter to get stuck.
The other ship that was caught is now free and can attack us. I mean, Hep’s good, but he’s not omniscient.
Of the five fighters coming in slowly, they’re having a really tough time. Three get caught. Two are working their way around.
The capitol ship figures out how to move through the minefields by blasting the vines. It looks like they have a system down, using a combination of blasters plus the shield get through.
On the capitol ship it looks like they’re closing slats on the outside to do damage control. Fires are going out.
Duur fires at the following little ships. One of them shows heavy damage.
Ooris goes over to Duur brandishing his weapon, and says, “Good try, Duur, but I think I got ‘em.”
Duur responds, “Uh huh. Hop in the other gunner’s seat.”
Nadya continues channeling the force at the traps. The sensors show there’s nothing in front of us.
Duur takes a parting shot at the edge of combat and misses. The capitol ship does seem to get caught up in the minefield.
We successfully navigated the minefield and made Teemo look like an idiot.
We’re approaching Dathomir and its moons.
“So, where to?” asks Hep.
“Do you have any suggestions?” Nadya asks Leandra.
“You’re doing fine so far.”
“Okay, we’ll pick the place on the other side from the Imperials.”
Nadya maps a course to a dormant volcano with a ring on the inside we can put the ship in. Hep asks Duur to take an easy shot at the ground to see if it moves. It doesn’t. We land.
Hep starts PMCSing the ship. Leandra knocks on the outside of the ship and says, “Thanks for the ride!”
Nadya follows as fast as she can.
Duur puts on her tactical gear, including mask, and a fresh moist rag. She walks outside and walks a perimeter.
Leandra continues training Nadya on more advanced tactics and force-y shit.
Duur hears a heavy, long growl. “We gotta get outta here. Get on the ship.”
“I can’t make it,” answers Nadya.
Ooris had just gotten to the bottom of the ramp and he turns around and climbs back up.
“Start it up!”
Hep flies up 100 stories and we see a rancor monster climbing the side of the volcano.
“Does anyone know which way Nadya went?” asks Hep.
“East,” replies Nadya.
Hep flies 50 kilometers east and finds an open field to land the ship in.
Duur sets up a perimeter (sensors) and hops on the speeder bike and heads toward Nadya.
Hep hacks some vines and brings them back to the ship. “I’m going to make a hammock.” He proceeds to make a tangle trap, with him in it.
Duur, watching, says, “What are you doing?”
“I’m making a hammock.”
“No, you’re not. Grab that end.”
Together they are able to weave the vines together to make a sturdy hammock.
“Wow, awesome. Thanks!”
Meanwhile, Ooris gets an email on her data pad. “Your identity has been compromised. They’re coming for you.” It’s from her witness protection program. he decides to stay firmly on the damn ship. he pokes a communicator on the ship and asks, “How long are we going to be here?”
Duur says, “Until Nadya comes back.”
“When is Nadya coming back? Huh? Just curious, Duur. Duur? Duur! When is Nadya coming back?”
“When Nadya comes back. Do you need some Pringles?”
“I think Teemo might be coming for a visit.”
“Did you say Teemo?”
“Awesome. We’re going to finish up the hammock and we’ll be right in.”
A second email comes in. “Tracking beacon in tail.” It looks like something was typed really fast. Someone mashed the keyboard. Once again, it’s the witness protection program. he hits the wall com. “I think we’ve been followed.”
Duur picks up the perimeter gear and he and Hep get back on the ship. Hep runs the hammock to his quarters and meets up with Duur and Ooris. Ooris shows Hep the email.
“Is the tracker in the ship tail or in your tail?”
“I don’t know.”
“Ok, run a scan.”
he runs a scan.
he does.
Mm hm.
Scan complete.
“Hep, it seems you were right about my, ahem, tail.” It’s deactivated now.
“Do you need a tissue?” asks Hep. Then: “Hey, can you weaponize that?”
“I’ll try.” Moments later, he has it ready.
“Do we have a tranquilizer gun?” asks Hep.
“Yup, got one right here,” answers Duur.
“Let’s go!”
We fly back to the volcano. Duur starts to track a rancor beast. He spots it fast. And the tree cover isn’t sparse. Hep stabilizes the ship really well. She takes the perfect shot. HIT!
We find another landing place to the south.
It’s approaching evening. Duur sets up a perimeter. With kit.
The flora in this area – if you touch it – is poisonous. If you wear gloves (and wash before using the toilet) you can use that to your advantage.
“Hey, everyone. Setting up the perimeter. Careful of the flora here. They’re poisonous. I’m using them to fuck up anybody that comes near us. Over.”
“I hear ya!” answers Hep.
15 XP



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