Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

Crystal Clear

9/5/2014 -— 10 XP -——-
Heading back to the hutt planet – still in shitty ship – docks on bay 19 the same place from previous departure.
- Duur says to get the guy who sent us out.
- Doors open, remnants of blasted ship – scraps
- Storm troopers and imperial guards walking around.
- Madrin and Nadya looks at scraps and ships for a new look.
- Madrin looks for a bounty posting board – specifically a bounty with a ship.
- HEP has a bounty as well.
- Teemo is looking for him. * This excites Ron and he splooges his Coca Cola over the table.
- Waric Talana – smuggler last seen on this planet. Wanted by both the empire and huts. Human. Actual image has been kept out of the watchful eye. Outfit is silver and black pinstripes. Ship is a Freighters – lots of Freighters.
- Duur and Nadya come up with a plan to contact Trakinor – Tell him the rest of the party is dead. Need refuge and willing to be a grunt. Still get the crystal.
- Nadya helps Madrin narrow down the freighters – Corellian with saucer shape haul. Docking pad 141. Nadya finds video of Waric palling around with imperial people. Party questions how if he wanted by The Empire, why is he kicking it with imperials? He is wanted by Poojah The Hut.
- Party senses a set up.
As the platforms are connected by walkways, Nadya programs a data pad to retract the walkways and put a tracking device on the ship.
- Duur is covering Madrin, Siala is on the the lookout.
- Madrin sneaks to the ship – Not very well. Mechanical eye comes out of the door “Who the hell are you?” “Ice cream! Who wants ice cream?” the door sticks a gun out at him. Madrin runs.
- Frisky tries and fails.
- A little bit later, a man in black and silver pin stripes comes approaches the ship. Madrin talks to him head on. After a bit of chatter, Madrin gets onboard to check out the ship. Pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit. Cargo manager with indistinguishable face. Madrin looks for his opportunity to place the walkway retract device.
- He places it.
- Plan is to leave at sunup.
Madrin returns to party. Party will go to ship at midnight, take the crew by surprise and steal the ship.
- Nadya leaves to the store. Duur watches the ship. Madrin follows Black and Silver (Waric) to a whoring and gambling establishment. Pink room – pepto bismol exploded
- Madrin sees Waric chatting with the barkeep. Finds a table in the with a view of the whole room.
- Imperial guards pass by Duur.
- Madrin sees Waric leaves with another guy. They walk for a bit and then go their separate ways. Madrin follows the other guy. It’s Trakinor Cass, but he doesn’t know that.
- Party reconvenes – Duur reminds them of the Nautolan troops coming in a few hours and recommends the party lays low.
- Madrin is itching for a fight.
- Nadya and Frisky approach the doors. Madrin and Siala hide behind some boxes and crates nearby. Duur stays in the vantage point.
- Frisky activates the door. Nadya hacks in. Nadya activated the stealth setting – door opens quietly. Party sneaks in.
- Madrin goes through and kills some people
- Frisky sensors pick up life sources in the cargo bay. Madrin knows this to be incorrect. Party goes to where they think the crew is. Party tries to open the door. No luck. Other group added a new lock to the door. Madrin pulls out his light saber.
Waric jumps ship with a short range escape pod. Duur takes a shot with a—-
Duur rolls fail x 3, despair, and triumph

9/12/14 – 15 xp
-Flurry of activity on the docks as imperials swarm the docks.
-Madrin fails at preflight check. Nadya takes over.
-Madrin opens doors to pick up Duur from nearby building top.
-Duur jumps from the top of the building and misses the ship. During the dive, Madrin Force Moves Duur to bring him in.
-Tripod Blasters take shots at the ship but they don’t do damage.
- “I’ve got to stop jumping off of buildings.” “Hey Nadya, did you know Duur can fly?”
- Land at Junkyard. Has a small building two landing pads. One of the landing pads has a medium transport ship on it.
-”You are a freaking klepto” Duur shouts when Madrin starts eyeballing the medium transport ship.
- Duur finds a place in the back.
-Madrin sneaks over to Medium Transport ship.
-Nadya moves ship to Duurs spot but ship lands at a slant.
-Madrin tells Adney the ship yarder need to compare parts. Throw junk on it.
-The Dead legs start covering the ship.
-”uhhhh I think I just waved at an imperial patrol.”
- Frantically getting shit off the ship. Junk on the holding onto ship. Madrin frees ship with lightsaber.
- Head towards great unknown. Duur tries to contact the Nautolans and able to reach them. It sounds like they are further away than expected. The Nautolans already had arrived and said they had nothing they do.
-Duur wants to kill politician.

- Trakinor wants a status update on crystal. On planet attempting to situated before run. Ok dock 70. More conspicuous. dock 70. Don’t bring the crystal.
-Madrin and Duur head to back of ship to check out cargo hold that Frisky detected life forms in. Find boxes of junk.
-Bottle of above top shelf liquor. 12 grenades distributed. Have about an hour.
- “This is a matter of trying to get off faster.”
-” Why did you give your word to get a crystal? Because at the time your lives were in danger?”
- Set up secondary rally point. Frisky, Madrin, Siala with the ship. Duur and Nadya meeting with Trackenor. Madrin drops off Duur and Nadya at dock 70. Madrin roundabout way to secondary rally point.
-Trackenor walks out on dock covered and with a shiner. There is a shed. Duur and Nadya ushered into low light shed. Crystal on ship. The crystal is a power source from Mimbam. Trackenor wants us to take the crystal back to Mimbam which is inside the Ring. “How about this Trakinor..You show me yours, I will show you mine.”
Duur asks Trakinor about the Ring. It is a ring of planets. Building a hyperspace trade route. One of those planets Mimbam mining power crystal. Legendary Kaiburr crystal. Force crystals amplify force. two problems 1 stealing high powered ships using to amplify hyperspace. 2.
Dealing with the Hutts.
Duur tells all. Ship implodes. Image of the emperor appears.
-’I have a feeling he is going to be dead in day.”
-Duur and Nadya have a chat while making their way to secondary rally point.
-Duur and Nadya Tranquilize others.
- Frisky Video tapes.
- Data pad picks up signature in the cargo bay where traq crew is. Nadya refines program so that it is directional. Frisky is the power source. Oh sure. Grab a weird battery.
-Nadya puts power source in Lead battery.
- Nadya medical diagnostics on Siala and Madrin.
- Madrin tested repeatedly by Duur for New interest in planet.
- Madrin pops the cork on the alcohol.
- Small ship pops up on radar landing on dock 70.
- People on dock get back on ship.
-Madrin flies ship to unknown area.
- Nadya sets up energy field but the field won’t stabilize around.
-Send diagnostic to Blazing Chains.
- Nadya works on mechanical stuff.
-Madrin gets some sleep.
-We go see numbnuts.
-Go meet.
-Get diagnostic back. There is an extra-agent in bloodstream that counteracts poison.
-No enlarged genitalia but could get a blowjob from a snake.
-The biggest question is are you in. We have one more shot to get the crystal. To have multiple crystals.
-We are on board.Nadya tells Trak where to find the bus. Trak wants to meet on another planet Rodia.



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