Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

The Hyperspace Planet

9/19/14 – 10 XP
Party supplies up and pre-checks for flight and travel.
Nadya window shops for a jet pack.
Plug in coordinates party leaves Hutt planet. Being followed by a shitty ship and falls way behind.
Party gets to the coordinates – there’s nothing here. No planet. Party double checks coordinates. Should be exactly where we should go. No gravity readings. not asteroids, Party tries to figure out what’s up and sonar pings.
Planet arrives out of hyperspace – freaks out the party.
Planet does not look like the previous planets that imploded. there is a balance between land and water.
Party runs diagnostics on the planet. Party sees spot on the planet – space port.
Space port has some sort of energy bean tying itself to the planet.
Good thing Nadya bought a jet pack.
Party lands on the space port landing pad.
There is a globed city in the middle of four landing pads. N,S,E,W.
Party goes west.
Party armors up and wears all supplies. We take Frisky.
Everyone steps of the ship.
two protocol droids roll out of floating orbs.
Nadya walks towards the droids. the droids dipped down to a yoga pose and show their barrels.
Nadya tries to speak with them
Figures in robes are in the peripherals.
Madrin pulls out light saber – gets shot by blasters goes unconscious
Duur attacks droids
Walkway gets blown up mid way. droids fall to the planet. robed figures disappear.
Nadya opens the doors. Blob
Nadya goes to the blob – mask face of the emperor.
Party ferries across the walkway.
Party’s down to 7 stimpaks
Party walks to city. Madrin does not see a thing.
Turrets rise from the top of the building
Madrin: “Run!!!”
Party runs to under the turrets. They shut down.
Madrin: “‘We have a planet to ourselves!’ she says.” He jams a stimpack in his leg.
Party sticks close to the wall to stay out of turrets line of fire.
Party gets to center – sees square room with a sunken in dancefloor surrounded by pillows.
Nadya rises with the jet pack and fires at the turret. it explodes.
Madrin: “let’s scan for the crystal”
Party scans and finds a signature below our feet

10/11/14 – 15 XP
Nadya attacks the turrett – misses
Siala reports Mine Oxs are attacking the ship.
Nadya comes to aid
Another ship lands – ship from other planet after Trakinor Cass
Big hole in the ground – barrier has dropped – calnocks are coming.
Siala gets on the ship gun
Calnocks swarm the party. Duur lays surpressing fire; Nadya shuttles Madrin across the bridge; comes back for Duur; Durr is surrounded by calnocks – init
Party flies to the bottom of the floating city
Madrin lands on tops of trees – Mine oxs
Party exits swamp environment- Duur does minock clean up – sweeps the leg
Madrin and Nadya got to get the crystal 100 yrds ground becomes solid. three hatches. They open hatch with the strongest signature
They find the crystal. – cube shaped – 8 feet across – each point is a different color.
Other ship has taken off and is hovering over the city – over th hole of the calnocks exit
Madrin connects tow cable Nadya engineers how it will happen.
Other ship descends through the calnock hole – platform spits out with 3 baddies.
Alarms on the ship go off – Duur goes into the ship – sees alerts
Madrin runs to the ship; Duur aims ship guns at the new ship, nadya aims to blow up the platform baddies
Madrin takes off – pulling the crystal
Entire city platform falters- city crumbles down. Large ship is revealed
Nadya runs to catch up with the ship.
Party Takes off into space
Tries to meet up with Trakinor. Party cannot find him – party leaves message in Trakinor’s signal. With location to find us.



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