The story is set near 5 ABY – after ‘Return of the Jedi’. The second death star was destroyed about a year ago. The emperor is dead (for now), so is Darth Vader. It will be another fifteen years before Thrawn marshals the remnants of the empire. In the meantime, the galaxy has collapsed. People are still calling the New Republic the Rebellion. There are parades and celebrations all over the Outer Rim. Civil services persist only because citizens keep showing up to their jobs, even though their paychecks are bouncing. The New Republic government is desperately trying to reconstruct the empire’s economic infrastructure, but they are avalanched by the outcry of the oppressed, now suddenly given voice. The current political/military climate is that of despotism and feudalism. Republic captains in Mon Calamari cruisers patrol what few systems they can. Imperial Moffs and admirals have staked out corners of the galaxy and entrenched themselves as warlords. Even crime lords like the Hutts and the Black Sun have stepped up to police their own space lanes, reluctantly assuming governorship. In all this chaos, however, small time operators like yourselves can stake out fortunes.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire "Star Cluster"

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